Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by HighFlyer, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Hi Ppl

    After looking at careers, I've decided that with my high ATC scores from FAT's, im going to try Aircraft Controller. What I dont understand is that if I can get into Raleigh, does that mean I'm going to be an Aircraft Controller or can I get through Raleigh and then say they don't need one?

    Thanks alot
  2. From what I gather, you don't normally start Raleigh until a space opens up on your phase 2 course, or the course is run.

    I'm probably wrong, mate.
  3. You will join as an Aircraft Controller and remain one for the rest of your career, or until you fail one of the courses. :wink:

    Welcome to god's branch.
  4. So let's say I pass all my tests which I have already done for my Officer application, then I will go through Raleigh, they can't like say "We don't need one, sorry" ?

    and what you mean by "welcome to God's brance" lol

    one more thing, do you get paid for your training? and does being an AC count as Aircrew?
  5. Trust me, we need AC's so you won't be fcuked off and no, you're not aircrew, you'll be cleverer and more important than that.

    It's god's branch because we are all gods, and everyone worships us.
  6. Lol oh I get it lol I was reading the Rates of Pay leaflet and it says on the ratings side that there is Aicrew specilisation pay, but you can cant be a Pilot/Observer rating, so doesnt that pay associate to AC?
  7. No, we don't get specialist pay, yet.
  8. yet? does that mean AC's might be getting it?
  9. Unlikely but it's been a rumour since the dead sea felt a little unwell. I wouldn't have thought so as we don't do anything "extra" to earn extra pay.
  10. arent ac's the one that get those extra earning ppl back on the ship lmao
  11. True, but we get all the chicks so it's not all bad. Everyone loves the AC.
  12. Well thats me signing up then. lol Im still 5050 at the mo. I was told that in my debrief at AIB that I should look at AC because of my ATC scores, apparently they were good, so Ive looked into it and it looks really interesting. Could you tell me what you think is good about it? I didnt mean to sound derogatory lol
  13. I'm in it, enough said. Check Pms.
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: Ha - When I was Waspin' trying to get an accurate wind from the HC's was a nightmare. I hope you new AC's are capable of supplying a decent service now your cleverer!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. That's because they were mere RP's in your day, we're million dollar men now.
  16. Nice to hear. :angel7:
  17. Does anyone know the waiting time for Aircraft Controller?
  18. Hi HighFlyer.

    Im guessing you have failed your AIB? Do you have to re-do the full selection process or can you skip the ones you have already done through the officer application?

    What had you applied for as an officer?
  19. Hey Webby.

    Yeah I skip the medical, FAT's and the RT, just gotta redo the interview.

    Applied for pilot originally.
  20. thanks for the reply.

    I currently have an application in for pilot but plan on doing what you have done if it does not go to plan.

    Do you know where you went wrong at AIB?

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