AV Referendum

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by diesel, May 5, 2011.

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  1. Bet his wifes got a few as well. Lord Kinnock of The Costa Brava :puker:
  2. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    But then again you have the uber-slimeball Lord John Reid standing up with Cameron to say NO. It does not matter who you bung up there will be someone along to say the opposite.

    Personally I will vote for AV as I believe it is time to put a rocket up the arrses of politicians of all parties. One of the factors in my decision has been that AV will mean the end to 'safe seats' so anyone wanting to be in parliament, or wherever, will have to suck up to the voters, not the secret committees that run both main parties. Just my opinion! :)
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  3. I,m with you AG, but not on the AV system though. Not that it will make any difference.

    Kinnock had his chance to do this years ago with the SDP/Lib alliance. He might even had made PM. Obviously didn't think of it then but with his history and his connection with that company you would think he would either get rid of his shares or at least not promote them.
  4. No matter what the outcome may be it will drive an even bigger wedge into the Tory led government.
  5. The main arguement against AV seems to be that it leads to weak governments.
    Well I for one have noticed that the years of strong government have done nothing to improve the country, law enforcement is almost non existant, succesive strong governments have led to an underclass of non working baby producing freeloading scum and politicians have lined their nests.
    time for a change perhaps?
  6. The very last thing I would want is as strong government, much less a strong leader.
    With the former you get a dictatorship and with the latter you get the same.
    In and ideal situation I'd like a system that prevented strong leaders and strong governments.
    AV is, at the moment, the best option.
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  7. Looks like a Cert, for the NO VOTE 1/16 on with the bookies
  8. Kin hope so Scouse, then we can get back to tribal politics without the vote wasting liberals........................
  9. That will be the majority but majority is all it is; not necessarily correct.
  10. A safe seat will always be a safe seat under av, if the first ballot gets over 50 % av doesn't come into it.

    Just "say no"
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  11. Hang on mate, if the majority (who can be arsed to vote) want it then it must be right. The alternative is them nasty dictatorial systems you loath.
  12. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Two thoughts from me:
    1. AV seems to be designed to select the least unpopular candidate with as opposed to "first past the post" selecting the candidate with the most "for" votes. Shouldn't voting be positive rather than negative?
    2. I personally would vote "NO", however, I'd have "YES" as my alternative vote in case my first choice candidate doesn't get in... AV really is not a good choice for constituencies with a small number of candidates!
  13. Voted YES and sure to be disappointed...
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  14. The whole parliamentry system could do with a major overhaul.We have too many MPs, a lot of small constituences and plenty that are too big.Cut down the number of MPs,make the constituences more balance in terms of country and towns and I'll vote for that.Voting for AV is just rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic and will solve nothing.The only reason we are being asked is to keep the LibDems happy and from what I've seen of them so far I wouldn't care if they never got into government again.In case it is not clear I voted NO.
  15. I voted yes, and am prepared to lose this one due to the amount of negative campaigning. I spoke to people at work who actually fell for the "it will cost us £250 million" and "it's just un-democratic". Some people shouldn't be allowed to vote if they are too stupid to think for themselves. OK vote 'no' if you truly believe FPTP is better than AV, but to vote 'no' to 'kick Clegg' or whatever is just plain dumb!
  16. T42s. kicking Clegg is just a bonus, hurrah.
  17. ;-P Have duly noted that Sussex2 and Type 42 have voted for the ALTERNATIVE vote :sex:
  18. Well Scouse, if the other alternative is you.................the choice was obvious :wink:
  19. Just been listening to Peter (Permatan) Hain whinging about the referendum being held on the 'wrong' day, said it should've been separate from local elections. Would he have said that if 'his side' were winning ? This is the bloke that had to resign 'cos of 'financial irregularities' in his leadership campaign...........(Not forgetting digging up Headingley cricket ground) Only the BBC could give him airtime...... fcukwit !
  20. In true tradition of our politicians they are sharpening the knives for Cleggie.

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