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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. A shining star in the French political sky seems to have some answers to the chaos of the EU. A" French presidential aspirant, Segolene Royal," although reported to be an admirer of Tony Blair, has some interesting views on the way things should be run in relation to trade and labour.One of her comments is, " the capitalists have to be frightened. There is no alternative. They, (capitalists) just can't dispose of people as they wish. They have to be held accountable".
    She discusses the latest development in business to set up shop in areas of cheap labour. Her comment involves a garment factory proposing a move to Tunisia. "We have to prevent this wildcat outsourcing", she said. " The workers have no power. We need to tax businesses who want to move out jobs and tax their products when they re-import them".
    " She also came out on Europe this week, supporting " social harmonisation" and promising to put an end to Britain's opt out from the EU's 48 hour maximum working week. She also wants the Europe to fight the export of jobs to low cost countries".
    The report states ," her creed is what she calls 'participative democracy- initiatives' to give citizens more say in running schools, local government and other services". A predictable response has resulted in her being labelled," the Valkyrie" and " la tueuse", ( the killer). It seems this female has a good idea in relation to preventing the movement of production to low cost countries. The present trend of capitalism appears to have complete disregard for its own people and is running one huge garage sale of people and assets.
    The one thing I find difficult to understand is that if jobs are moved to cheap labour areas, and lost to the country of origin, how do the then job-less people get the money to purchase goods. Apart from that it's better , in my opinion, to have a variety of choices rather than everything labelled PRC.
    Whatever negatives there are regarding the French this seems to be a good idea where politicians look after their own people rather than allow them to be shafted by big business. Just a thought.
  2. Sounds like a fcuking Muslim. Who did you say it was? :(
  3. Definately a fcuking Muslim.
  4. Definately a fcuking Muslim.

    By the way, some of you may think that I am anti Muslim. However, I would just like to put matters right and explain that you are wrong.

    I love the shape and colour of mosques, but only in the right surroundings. I love the way that Muslim states have inhumane customes, but only in the right surroundings, I love the barbaric thinking of homicidal maniacs from Iraq, Iran, and any other Arab state, but only in the right surrounding.

    Please, somebody please get rid of Muslim nutters from these fair lands. We have enough fcuking lunatics here already. :(

    And as a PS to all you Do Gooders. Fcuk you, *********.

    For the officialdom ..............., its a joke, look its a joke, I'm only joking. Hee fcuking hee. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Dabs: So you do not mind being shafted by all the little businesses that make up th French Agriculture Industry. OK I can live with that in Spain.

  6. First job is brick the bloody tunnel up!And while were on about the frogs!

  7. I'd prefer we take back what is rightfully ours by treaty - Brittany, with or without the Spiers.
  8. Just Brittany?What about Aquitaine?

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