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Automatic bar to entry?


Hello All,

Sorry for the strong first post, I was wondering if I could ask for some advice seeing as this is probably the best place on the internet to ask and there's some very knowledgable people here.

I'm looking to join the Royal Navy Reserves however I'm worried about the medical stage as I am currently on a prescription of lansoprazole for Heartburn/acid reflux which is a once daily pill. Is this likely to fail me at the medical stage? And if so is there likely to be a time period I'd need to show I've been off the prescription/symptom free?

I don't know how big a deal this is even but I've heard that a lot of recruits are failing at the medical stage for a variety of reasons and as I'm about to enter the process I'd be gutted to get that far and fail.

As far as I'm aware I don't have any actual disease such as GERD/GORD as I've had a scope down my throat and if I'm being honest with myself the source of it is likely to be down to lifestyle choice and significant weight gain as when I was trim and playing sport I didn't have this issue.

I've already had a strong word with myself and my intention is to loose a few stone in weight and completely revamp my diet to see if this hopefully helps as even if it's not a bar it would be nice to not have heartburn.

I've done a lot of googling, hours even, and I can't seem to find anything specific that answers it either way either from Royal Navy official sites, on here, Arrse and even RAF sites.

The general medical entry requirements aren't too specific in this area and I've asked some friends who are ex serving HM Forces and they can't see how it could cause a problem but then others whose posts I've read in a similar situation to mine on Arrse don't seem so positive albeit that's Army recruitment.

I know there are no certainties but can anyone with any experience or enough knowledge to make an educated assessment as to what my odds are like? I'd be ever so grateful as I'm really excited about signing up. Thanks.


War Hero
The medical standards for entry are broadly tri service and definitive guidance with regard, individual medical suitability can only be given by a qualified service medical professional once in possession of your full medical history relating to a condition.

In order to manage expectations, the rough rule of thumb is applicants who have specific dietry needs or are reliant on medication for ongoing conditions are often going to have significant issues with regard meeting the medical standards for entry.

The maximum bmi is 28 with a waist measurement (around the belly) of less than 94 cms. Those with a bmi under 18 or over 28 cannot be passed fit to enter service under normal circumstances. Yes, even weightlifters, bodybuilders and rugby players.


War Hero
good luck as a long standing member of BMI greater than 28, losing weight can help reflux, not a dietary issue but just the volume of the stuff you eat and drink, and often the junk food you eat, speak to you GP about weight so he can make a record and monitor your progress, tell him why you are doing this, so when your med docs are looked at by a Naval doc they can see what you have been doing and form their medical opinion from them?
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