Lantern Swinger
Anybody out there done a complete, unexpurgated, unabridged, uncensored autobiography of their time in the RN or RM? Strikes me that a clever author could trawl through a dozen 'memoirs' and come up with a Hollywood (or Ealing) Blockbuster. I know "Oberon's Knob" has published a book - there must be a few hair-raising careers. Maybe we could pass them to Leslie Thomas to make a book of. Perhaps for a naval chaity (RNBT?)



I have published a book but it is very difficult to do. I refused to go through vanity publishing (the author pays and it can cost up to £10k). It took me about 7 years to get it published and even then I had to go to a US publisher to do it. In the UK you can't just go to a publisher and say "Oi! Print me book", you have to find a literary agent to approach them on your behalf and the agents don't want to know you unless you have already been published. Hence the vicious circle begins, you can't get published because you ain't got an agent and you can't get an agent cos you ain't been published.

Even now it's published it is difficult to get into British bookshops because the US publishers won't sell to Uk shops and distributors on a sale or return basis.

All in all it's a bit of a pot mess and one of the most frustrating things I've ever done. It's great to see it in print but I certainly don't expect to sell more than a couple of hundred copies at the most.

If anybody is trying to publish and they need help or advice I will gladly help where I can. Just PM me if you want.

Oberons Knob
I have done a my life type 'story of my life' with photo's and put it on CD
mainly for my Kids/grandkids and relations! My Mother and Father weren't all that forth coming about the family history so I wrote my recollections!!

The Gatwick Archives/Sub Association has two books out at the moment on members histories 'Submarine memories' and another is Under the jolly roger. All WW2 submarine dits.

I think all Navy ex or otherwise should keep diaries for passing on in later life.
Selective diaries of course..... a lot of the stuff we got up to and earned us hours of scrubbing flats during the middle etc. would now probably be punished with prison time.


Lantern Swinger
On the subject of the problems of publishing, it was in the news recently that publishing is a bit twentieth century. According to the report, I recall, the latest way to get your subject accross to a larger audience is to use T'intenet and publish it as a 'blog'. This cuts out the middle men but you don't make any money out of it. But a plus is that publishing deals are made from what is in the blog, if its any good of course.
The technical bit of setting up web space is beyond me as I'm more five bar gates than Bill Gates.