Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Jenny_Dabber, Feb 13, 2010.

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  1. My son has recently been diagnosed with Autism. He is only 2yrs and 3 months but we've had weeks of tests with the dr's, behaviourists, child psychologists etc and they've all drawn the same conclusion.

    I've never experienced anything to do with an Autistic child and how to go about teaching/helping them. I know routine is strict, which I am working on and is a never ending battle.

    I know of the official society and they have supplied the standard information. I'm on the waiting list for early birds and another course but until then, I am sort of stuck with 'what to do'.

    Is there anyone out there that can pass on some useful advice about autistic children and the best ways to go about teaching them things. The biggest concern is communication;

    * not reacting to his name
    * not relating words to meaning
    * not learning right from wrong


  2. PM sent
  3. JD I'm away for a week, will PM you on return...
  4. Thanks Folk x
  5. PM for you Jenny
  6. Jenny my lad is on the high end of the autistic spectrum, to be honest not one case is the same. As such the only advice I could give you until he gets older is to try different things such as ear defenders as noise can seem 10 times as loud to them as to us. Also supermarkets can freak them out due to all the differing colours, like noise it can be a sensory bombardment. If you want any advise PM me leaving a note on the main page in case i dont see it. My wife works in a special needs school, so if you need any advice on what you are entitled to such as DLA etc, give me a shout.
  7. I have one good news for you.'Autism Treatment Works in Kids as Young as 18 Months'.I heard that 'The study was small — just 48 children evaluated at the University of Washington — but the results were so encouraging it has been expanded to several other sites, said Geraldine Dawson, chief science officer of the advocacy group Autism Speaks. Dawson, a former University of Washington professor, led the research team.'
  8. Without wanting to rain on anyone's parade, the above post doesn't actually say that much. Whilst any positive research regarding the treatment of autistic spectrum disorders is welcome, 48 is such a small number that it is impossible to prove the positive findings weren't pure chance. Hence, more work is being done with greater numbers.

    Just don't get your hopes up because one preliminary study shows results which may be significant. I find this is an error frequently made by the media and those who do not regularly read scientific papers.
  9. **From Mrs R12**
    Couldn't agree more, over the past few years we have read of many such "cures" and "treatments", sadly most on further investigation are very small groups and normally profit making treatments that are feeding on the anxities of parents and carers.

    Personally, we wouldn't want to "cure" our youngest, just the attitudes of others.

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