Author Paul Cardin discusses the Falklands campaign

Right. That well-known "aircraft carrier" General Belgrano.......
The cruiser on which 368 sailors including over 100 conscripts were killed. The one which had been sailing away from the task force and towards the mainland for 14 hours yet Defence Secretary John Nott repeatedly described as steaming towards us, when later justifying the sinking. Luckily he was later corrected by Rear Admiral Woodward who described his own version of the 'threat' a whole decade later. Well done him!

But good to see you fearlessly lock onto the most important issue. Cheers for that.
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It was a war in everything but name. Are you REALLY saying that an asset of that size and capability was not a justifiable target? As was proven after the event.

Your last post makes you sound like a Quisling. It was the RN you served in, wasn't it.....?