Australian warship fires on poacher

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by sgtpepperband, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  2. Well done. Why cant we be more like that....
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Disappointed after reading the headline, I had this picture of some Pikey sneaking along the hedgerow with a brace of pheasants, being caught up the duck run by a exocet!
  4. ... Why cant we have a guy like this at the top?
  5. Could we afford the ammunition ?
  6. Doubt if we could do it, probably be a breach of their "human rights" and then the EU would fine the arse off us again (and of course the government would cave in and pay up as usual!)
  7. Probably because some judge somewhere in UK (backed by the Matrix Chambers) would rule it was their human right to poach, and then award them oodles of cash for trauma and loss of earnings ... !!
  8. Couldnt we put a sub in their nets and accidentally pull the boat under?

    (ala Godzilla)
  9. Aussies regularly fire across the bows of poachers, if they don't heave to then they get a round of 5.56mm across the sharp end, then a burst of 5.56 mm, then they go for a deck mounted .50 cal, can end up with boarding parties and if they are attacked then its all on.
    Fishermen usually run for it as Oz courts have really been hammering skippers of illegal boats, $50 to 100k for a first offence, second time 250k loss of boat and serious jail time for the skipper.
    RNZN runs patrols in the Southern Ocean and although it hasn't got this bad yet it probably will if the Aussies drive the cowboys off.
  10. Could we ask the Aussies to anchor at my end of the Orwell and sling a few missiles at the lowlifes ( all from East Europe ) who are using one of my local streets as a battle ground to sort out their tribal differences? Local plod is a bit busy arranging help for the local street ladies.
  11. Do we still have Naval ships with guns on? and do we have the gunners to man these guns?
  12. You gotta love the Aussies :)
  13. Well, maybe the new RNZN fleet will be able to keep up with them, as g-d knows the old patrol craft couldn't..
  14. Yeah , fair bit of activity off the North coast of Oz and has been for some time . Regular boat burning once a conviction is made as the quarantine risk is high I understand . With Customs and the RAN , both sea and air patrols continually scanning the coast for illegal fishing and ' boat people '. The shark fishing is so cruel as they catch the sharks cut off the fins and throw the poor creatures back in the sea , alive .
    :threaten: :threaten: :threaten:
  15. Why not cut the poaches hands off and throw them back ??? :evil:
  16. That is so wrong and so breaches their 'Human Rights'.
  17. Reminds me of my friend's uncle, who lives in Mocambique, a nation which has no navy.

    He considers himself the de facto Mocambique coast guard, whereby he sits on this beach house's veranda each evening with a drink in his one hand and his rifle in the other. When he sees the twinkiling lights start coming closer inshore (East Asian trawlers raping and pillaging the country's waters), he takes aim a few metres abouve the lights and squeezes one off every once in a while.

    He still doesn't know if he's ever even come within a kilometre of hitting one, but at least it puts his heart at rest.

    I reckon he should get an RPG and a rubber duck, and sink one of the thieving fu^kers...
  18. Well done the Aussies...
  19. Did we not get involved in two cod wars because the Icelanders thought our trawlers were fishing unlawfully.
  20. He does sound a bit crazy lol

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