Australian submarine cap tallies

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by hobbit, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. The latest edition of the Chief's Log on the Australian submariners' site has a photo of the latest female recruit to qualify for the ' Dolphins '. To the point , on her hat the tally has the name of the ' boat ' as opposed to the more general title . HMAS Submarines as in HM Submarines . Thought the general title would provide more security although in ' boats ' in the RN at one time there was so many ' boats ' individual cap tallies would have been impractical and expensive no doubt . A good cap tally collection though
  2. Lol..even with only 3 boats we had to be careful we didn't give the names away (one in refit, one in short maintenance and one running)....pesky commies... :thumright: (even took the numbers off of the conning tower eventually) and rotated the berths...[​IMG]
  3. Yeah , security can get a bit funny sometimes . BTW I've ofted wondered why Canada hasn't taken the plunge , pun intended , and built a fleet of ' boats ' like Australia with six and all new not second-hand . I'm not having a shot but genuinely curious.
  4. Politics... :threaten: We have the capability, at one point we were going to buy the prints for the Zwaardvis class and build them here, but that was still during the cold war and we were happy to filch off of the Americans..(ashamed[​IMG]) Hell the Americans wanted us to opt into their LA Class, they provide for a nominal lease fee but all work to be done in the states, but anti Americanism being what it is sometimes here in Canada, they wouldn't lower themselves, so instead we buy the second hand Upholder class. The Oberons were a great deal, but these I'm not so sure, anything that sits in mothballs for any length of time is going to suffer maintenance issues...

    The problem with us, that I noted during my stint, is if you don't live on the East Coast or West Coast who gives a rat's ass about anything that floats, so Ontario being the centre of the universe, all of the politicians pandered to them and subsequently we suffered.. :rambo:
  5. For a while a few years ago submarine junior rates wore 'HMA SUBMARINES' cap tallies however these were unpopular and in a rare case of the troops being listened to, were soon replaced with individual names. Security is not a huge issue as no one wears rig ashore anymore, and even if they did SM names and the fact that they are alongside are not hugely significant in todays security climate.
  6. Yes I support this approach to the cap tally as another indication of the RAN establishing its own identity and distancing itself from other services. This , I feel , is essential for moral and pride in the Service I just thought it noteworthy and worth a mention ,


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