Australian "Sneakies"

'Found no evidence that they penetrated TML's'. OF course not, all records are sanitized of any incriminating evidence in the patrol reports!
We never made any reference to snap soundings, three point fixing or lat and longs on Bathy cards..........allegedly.
Did we ever penetrate a TML.........NEVER........the records prove it...besides we would NOT be that steely eyed...surely. We let the yanks take all the credit for that. Just like we let them take all the credit for winning the Cold War. WE just go under the guise of 'Allies'!!!!
After being told, ad nauseam, never to mention this on pain of death and other nasty stuff, I and others were pissed off when this first hit the press about four years ago (The Age is a bit slow on the uptake it seems) because some people want an Active Service Medal. Actually probably not the medal itself but the extra veterans benefits associated with active service.

Have patience, have patience, someone will
"write a book" - about all things that never
happened, anywhere - ever, whatsoever,
at all, sometime soon....might even be me.

I'm just waiting for this Fridays' Euromillions
Rollover.....after winning that, I shall write the
biggest-bestest-sellerest book about the wonderful
world of playing "Chicken" with f***ing submarines
that has ever been penned.

Might even contain a bit of actual truth.
I can remember nudging the putty off a particular naval base not in UK territorial waters sometime in the seventies. Immeadiately afterwards, when things had calmed down to a dull roar, it was clear lower deck and the Jimmy came around with a piece of VERY official looking paper. 'Sign this form lads...what just happened...didn't ok'!
Strange though that the document was already onboard...were their Lordships expecting things like this to happen and this was a just in casey!?
Anyway it didn't happen...I just made it up...and the dent in the underside of the rudder? Well we did it coming out of dry dock last DED in guzz din us my bird

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