Australian rape case

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by lsadirty, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. Heard on the news tonight about the rape case in Oz where after the defendents admitted the charge, the FEMALE judge decided that she probably had consensual sex with all of them, and gave them a suspended sentence, It turns out the victim was a 10 YEAR OLD Aborigine - FFS, I thought we had some shite judges, but this one takes the biscuit - any of our cousins down under got a better take on this ? (Personally, I'd be tempted to take a shotgun to the judge before I went looking for the perpretators - what a bitch)
  2. Maybe she would like to consent :pukel: sick bitch
  3. Yeah I heard about this as well, seems the dust is being stirred though, we haven't heard the last of this, as I'm sure that Judge hasn't heard the last either.. :threaten:
  4. Apparently this child is a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome too which makes the offence even more repugnant. Having been involved with remote communities it can only be said it is impossible to explain how the system operates however there is no excuse for this monumental FU and heads should roll. The whole country is horrified and screaming for blood.,25197,22910379-601,00.html
  5. Heads had better roll !

    Feckin disgrace
  6. About normal for Queensland, still NZ has disgraceful child abuse (Of all kinds) stats particularly amongst the 'Once were Warriors'.
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Apparantly this is the second time she's been raped, she was only 7 first time around. The bloody social carers need shooting along with the rapists and the judge.
  8. Having read the link, the Public Prosecutor also would be a prime candidate for the end of my shotgun: Jeesus, what a nightmare - strict on immigrants, couldn't give a shite for their own indigenous population. Can you imagine the outcry in the States if this had happened to "a Native American ?"
  9. Was in Darwin at one time . The Aborigines are a race apart .
    Promiscuity is a way of life . I suppose they do have ''social workers ''
    for them but there could be some truth in what the guy says.
    The girl may now be in care but will probably revert to her ''normal '' ways
    when returned to her family .

    And life goes on!!

    :nemo: :nemo:
  10. Whilst it may appear abhorant to us, this could be the Aboriginies way of life
    Just as we got involved with the Pitcairn Islanders a few years ago for child abuse
    Whilst we find it beyond reproach, it is all they had ever known since the mutineers arrived in 1789
    The islanders were few and they had made their own laws, so once a female was aged ten then they were good to breed
    It was only in the past years that the Word decided this was not right and placed their laws on the Island and prosecuted Oct 2004

    Personally I find it unpalatable, but if I had been brought up within the group then I may find it a perfectly normal way of life

    Others may know if that is the case or not
  12. Hobbit big deal

    annacers she die :rambo:

    PS i cant pell :money:
  13. NZB
    I Have cot Drunk/

    Stocker are Cool
  14. I cannnot Spell Druck
  15. I Was left on Pincairn!!
  16. I never got any of my last.

    PS where the fuck is it.

    Ask NORM
  17. By Fletcher Christian? Mutinous Dog!
  18. Unfortunately the aboriginals have for too long been running their own communities with lots of the white mans money but little other input, due to the PC bed wetters who see any attempt to assist these people to improve themselves as white mans paternalism and attempted cultural genocide etc.

    Thus we have the situation where young children can be raped, given in exchange for booze and passed round like slaves, all with the excuse ' its our culture' when it comes to notice.

    One of the last acts of the Howard government was to authorise direct intervention by Federal Police and other agencies in aboriginal affairs and communities, bypassing the traditional Land Councils, which were rife with corruption and were only a lifetime job for the 'professional aborigines', totally ineffective in assisting the people they were supposed to. Of course the usual suspects threw up thier hands in horror and began the usual chants of genocide, stolen generations etc. The fact that this shit can still happen and a magistrate can be so blinded by political correctness that she can't see the rape of a 10 year old as anything but an expression of aboriginal culture undeserving of gaol time shows the need for the Federal action.

    Words cannot describe how pissed off I am. Australia has often pointed the moral finger at other countries legal systems yet we allow this to happen. :pukel:
  19. It appears something may be done but I believe it will all fade away and the useless bastards will get away unharmed :w00t:

    Bligh promises action on FNQ rape cases
    Wednesday Dec 12 18:58 AEDT
    Distinguished barrister Peter Davis, SC, will conduct an independent review of sentences handed down to sexual offenders in Cape York communities.

    The move follows the revelation this week that a girl who was gang-raped at the age of seven in Aurukun on Cape York in 2002, was put in foster care but later returned to the community to be raped again at the age of 10.

    Cairns-based District Court judge Sarah Bradley did not record convictions against six teenage attackers and gave three others aged 17, 18 and 26 suspended sentences over the 2006 rape.


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