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have just read the glossy full page advert in navy news for jobs in the australian navy and wondered if anybody on here had any more info as sounds a bit to good to be true.only a couple of years left and seriously thinking about it.


Not entirely sure on the procedure however, am good oppos with a now PO(EW) RAN who was a CPOCT(A), he went across about 18 months ago. Being accepted for the RAN was the smallest hurdle as CT's (with certain adquals) are new to the Aus Navy. His problem was getting Aus Citizenship for him and his wife. From what he was saying its all done on a point system. Certain jobs qualify you for a certain amount of points and to get into the county you need xxx amount of points. His wife was a trained secretary while out with him in Cyprus however, that didn't get them enough points as they are "two a penny" out there. She actually re-trained at their own expense to become a hairdresser (with no intention of becoming one) to get enough points to qualify them for citizenship. I also remember his interview for the Aus Navy being a 3 hour phone call. Must of all worked out though as he's more than happy out there.


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I understand the RAN is short in the ' boats ' area if interested in the submarine side of the service . With new vessels on the menu should be an even greater need . Check it out , terrific country and great people and wonderful for kids . Worth following up to be sure .


I'm in the process of joining the kiwis on a similar scheme
leave RN 18/11, sign at the embassey 19/11, fly out 20/11
easy as pie to join
cheers lamri.
understand by the "glossy full page add" that you will get duel citizenship after serving three months.they also pay for yours and your family's flights over and give you a MQ to live in and depending on your rank/rate when you leave RN after initial RAN basic training you will join in the same rank as you left RN.
to good to be true?? i dont know
Generally you go in as one rank lower depending on vacancies but, and don't quote me on this, after about 6 months you get rated back up if you are doing well enough :)
blanket_stacker said:
after initial RAN basic training you will join in the same rank as you left RN.
I heard/read that you have to drop down a rate?

But even so, great opportunity!
After spending two extended holidays in the Land of the Upside Down People I can only say to anyone who is thinking about this GO FOR IT.

Oz is not a land where the streets are paved with gold but it is just about the nearest thing you will find to it on this earth. My only regret is that I did not go when it was a £10 passage.



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I enquired back in April/May last year and was told by the Staff Officer Overseas Entries (SOOE) that I would join in the same rate with some seniority.

The process can take 12 months or longer, a lot depends on the notice that you have to give the RN before discharge.

Normally once they decide on a date (Your choice) of enlistment into the RAN you will be signed on at Australian High Commission in London then fly out to Aust that night. Two day stopover somewhere (your choice) on the way out there, normally a week or so settling in then start work.
Too late for me but feedback from a dozen or so friends who've transferred to the RAN and the RNZN during the last ten years indicates they have seized some wonderful opportunities (if on a smaller scale to ours), achieved job satisfaction, integrated quickly, have a great lifestyle (work to live, not live to work) and there couldn't be better places to bring up kids.


I think as long as you go in with an open mind and not think you're going to walk into the set of Home and Away you'll be's not all surfing, beach parties and BBQs...although that is part of it !!


I went to Darwin with the 7th SM Squadron from Singapore in tme mid 1960s. We had a ball the Ozzies were great and Darwin was like the old wild west.
Went back to OZ in 2005 as part of a 4month world cruise. It was the one place I really wasn't looking forward to . However had a marvellous couple of weeks in Darwin, Brisbane, Barrier Reef and Sydney. So impressed with the country and its people that if I were 20 years younger I wouldn't hesitate to go there. If you are able and willing to work the world is your oyster there.
As regards the RAAN if you consider the three sides of the Pacific Triangle USA, China and OZ the long term prospects for the RAAN are very favourable. :blob4: :blob4: :blob4: :wav: :wav: :wav: :wav:

Reference vacancies with Australian Navy / Army / Air Force for Overseas Applicants.

Overseas Applicants


The purpose of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) overseas recruitment program is to address capability shortfalls within the Navy that cannot be solved using Australian personnel.

Who is eligible:

The program is aimed at serving or recent ex-serving foreign military personnel, with specific qualifications and / or experience, that are directly transferrable
to the Navy with very limited extra training

Foreign nationals who do not have military experience are not eligible for recruitment via this program. However you may apply for enlistment through Defence Force Recruiting, once you have satisfied normal Australian permanent residency requirements.

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