Australian Labour Government bans free speech


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When the State government handed over $85 milllion of taxpayers money to the Catholic church to hold their jamboree they managed to piss off most of the population of NSW, but this latest stupidity has virtually guaranteed a massive backlash of civil disobedience. Groups that normally have nothing in common have united to condemn the draconian restrictions on free speech and assembly the Government has put in place.

Of course this would have nothing to do with the fact that the Premier and the majority of senior government ministers are Catholics, would it?


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What is the Catholic Church's equivalent of a Jihad, for speaking out against the religion?

There is no difference between this and Fundamental Islamism.

It's also rather rich given that this church always complains about media criticism of its own behaviour. When the paedophile scandal was at its height, the RCC complained about BBC 2's Newsnight because it looked in-depth at the church's proposals for change and found it wanting. The RCC refused to co-operate. What Newsnight revealed that they hated was the fact that many victims of clergy abuse are actually teenage girls - but since the church were activly promoting the idea that getting rid of homosexual clergy would solve the problem (which it won't as most men who abuse boys are actually heterosexual with adults but also like boys!) this was unacceptable. In 20 odd years time we'll have a new scandal about persistant child abuse of both genders - then the RCC might actually have to address the REAL issues.

What we can expect from the Pope is interference with the policies of the democratically elected government with demands not to allow civil partnerships, abortion or elective euthanasia (what this Pope calls the 'culture of death') - whilst any Australians who protest about this face prosecution and a criminal record! I wonder if the Australian government would do the same for a visiting imam or rabbi?


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why wouldnt the ozzy people just be polite when another head of state is visting anyway? i think it's a shame when the Gov can't trust its people to behave, i think it says more about the people than the Gov!


'The Australian Labour Government is seeking to ban free speech in Australia unless it is positive and supportive of the Pope, ahead of his visit to Australia'.

'What is the Catholic Church's equivalent of a Jihad, for speaking out against the religion?....There is no difference between this and Fundamental Islamism. Discuss.'

Aptly put, though we tend to think of Islam as more extreme these days perhaps.....but in times gone by, the Catholics could stick a rod up your arse just as much.......

Both believe in flogging, though the Catholic self-flagulation seems a tad more fun.More chance for the use of dog-collars and not for attending to communion either.
Both religions have men wearing dresses.
Both have/do burn books to prevent freedom of thought and expression
One cuts people's hands off, the other no doubt, threatens teenage boys with doing so during Confession if they continue knuckle-shuffling.
Both have invaded countries and continents in order to 'convert' the indiginous population by force.


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Both have invaded countries and continents in order to 'convert' the indiginous population by force. hahahaha

didnt the british do abit of that themselfs?


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Under Australian law everyone hs the right to freedom of assembly and peaceful protest. By removing these rights to all but 'pre-approved' protesters the NSW government is attacking a cornerstone of democracy. Hopefully, if any individuals are prosecuted under these laws the NSW Supreme Court will throw the cases out.

As thses laws are a state matter the federal govermnent is unable to interfere (not that they would, both being Labor) Its now down to NSW Police to use some CDF in interpreting and applying these laws.