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Australian Diesel Boat health research.


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"Another method of exposure to benzene is in the use of 'white spirits'. White spirits were and still are used for scrubbing through the submarine.
"The submarine was scrubbed though at least two times a day if not more. White spirit was used as it was the most effective method of cleaning."

I scrubbed out diesel boats more times than I care to remember but never used white spirit on a single occasion. The only time white spirit made an appearance was when paint was being used.
I have no idea what the Aussies do on their own boats but they were taught by ourselves and Teepol was the prefered dirt remover.


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Never heard of white spirit being used before, seems a bit dodgy scrubbing out twice a day with flammable liquid, let alone storing large quantities of it onboard!


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I have to agree with the comments posted so far. Never used, or seen white spirits being used to scrub out. Teepol for sure and for a very short time in Canadian Oberons we used Amway.

Brings to mind a good dit...on the way over the pond developed generator insulation problems (SOP's). Anyway, on arrival in Faslane met by the base staff as per LOGREQ and the I/C Chief say to us "we have some real good cleaner (can't recall the name) for gennys. We're not allowed to use it, but you Canadians should be OK"


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........... and the I/C Chief say to us "we have some real good cleaner (can't recall the name) for gennys. We're not allowed to use it, but you Canadians should be OK"

Carbon Tet aka Trike? (As in Trichoethylene or whatever it was) Used to make your fingers go white when in contact!


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Used to use trike, that got banned so had to use Ardrox, which wasn't as good but that got banned as well.
I can't remember what we used after that.
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