Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by golok, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. I posted this on Diesel Weasels, might do better as a stand alone topic


    Dear Sirs,

    I am doing some research on behalf of fellow veterans into the Australian Defence Medal (ADM). We have heard that RN Submariners who were posted to the 4th Submarine Squadron at HMAS Penguin in Sydney between 1947 and 1967 have been awarded the ADM. However the Australian MOD have refused the ADM to Army personnel who served both in Australia and with the Aussies in 28th Commonwealth Brigade. They state emphatically that the ADM is an Australian citizen only award and those eligible must have served for 4 years in the Australian Defence Forces (ADF). Can any of you shed light on this? Do you know of anyone who has received the ADM? If so do you know how they circumvented the 4 year Aussie only rule?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A lot of the SM4 guys stayed in Oz, you may get a better response from either the Australian Submariners site or the National site of the Submariners Association

    You'll need to google for the Oz site...But here is the National one
  3. This should tell you all you want to know:

    It seems that you have to be/have been a member of the Australian Defence Force to get this, but I would not be too bothered about it as it is widely seen as the 'medal you get for not having a medal'.

    There is much controversy over its awarding, the fact that the length and conditions of qualifying service are reduced from the original criteria and its being awarded to conscripts is especially galling. I have not bothered to apply as I have a medal for 15 years service and a clasp for 20, so I don't feel the need for a medal for just 4 years service.
  4. I have mine ---- its not all that great ---but it goes with the others and jangles nicely on armistice day marches !! ---
    - But I had to write to Canberra for it and it was sent in the post to me in Scotland-- it was for service with the RAN and not just the the 3 years on loan the O boats in the RN in the 60's

  5. Perl,
    Thanks for your reply, I assume you served in the RAN. Were you also in the RN 4 SM Sqn? If so would a period of say, 2 years , attachment to the RAN by a UK RN Submariner at HMAS Penguin be enough to qualify for the ADM? It appears that the person that we know about would just about have had 2 years service there. You said you had to write for your ADM, do they do any checks on eligibility? This may be the loophole that this person, who has openly boasted about being singled out for honour by the award of the ADM, has expolited.

    It is very intriguing as the ADM website clearly states the criteria and accordingly he would be ineligible.

  6. Golok,
    Yes I was in the RAN 63-69 and in the UK 65-68 - Dolphin- Sealion -Opportune x2 -Otway --Platypus

    I had been awarded the Australian Active Service medal for Vietnam and Malaysia plus the Vietnam logistics medal proir to the ADM issue --- which is a quite recent award by "our little johnnie"-- a branch of the" septic shrub- bush".-- so they had my name and number!!

    I don't think that this helps you on your enquiry but as I understand it it was for more than 6 years service in the ADF and was a counter to the National Service medal which was for the conscripted service men in the 40-50's-- (this again was awarded by "the branch of the septic shrub" as he has a habit of announcing medal awards just before election time to get the vets votes!!

    Maybe if you vote for him this time ? ( and it appears that he might need anyones votes )--- he might give you one as well ??

  7. Tabard,

    Not sure? I dont think it is. I do belive it is the VRSM and looking closely I also see he has the ACSM as well.
  8. Golok dear fellow thank you, now I have changed the piccie in my previous post to somone who is wearing a ADM
  9. Ye Gods I think we have entered a private fight about another bit of shiny tin dished out just for being in the vicinity and doing the job your were paid to do.

    Medals are for Hero's above and beyond the call of duty. Anything else is a brooch.

    Please Please take these posturings to another site

  10. Couldn't agree more Nutty, the whole thread along with the tin gongs & posturings should be put in the gash barge.

  11. Aaah.. so that's why Alice banded sportsmen get medals and Honours etc - for being Heroes... !! Thanks Nutty :thumright:
  12. This aussie medal ws dished out as they were denied the Queens jubilee medal in 2002, the Canadian and poms still serving were allowed it. The aussie govt being anti royalist would not allow it but to save ruffling feathers and losing votes they asked the royal permission to institute this medal in its place.

    i wear it alongside my submariners Australian service medal ( Special operations). This was awarded for cold war patrols carried out by oz deisel boats, the hardest task i did was to get out of bed and go on watch....but then it was hell ,shopping for rabbits and fighting to get to the bar in tamar and the terror club ..sniff..oh the humanity
  13. Having checked this out I think this new OZ gong is a far better medal than the QGJM. Jubilee medals only laud The Monarch and not the recipients for serving their country, while the ADM is for defence service. Looks like one million Australians and some Brits who served on secondment to the ADF will be eligible for the ADM.

    In awarding veterans the ADM from the end of WW2 at least the OZ government have concern for ex service personnel, while the UK MOD issue a cheap little badge that looks like it fell out of a cornflakes packet.

    Interesting, how Russia, Malaysia, Malta, Greece, & now Australia have more concern for British veteran service since WW2 than the British Government have for their own citizens.
  14. Whitemouse

    I am sure sportsmen get honors like OBE, MBE, Knighthood these are not medals and also have my on opinion of them.

    So I will repeat medals are for people who do something above and beyond the call of their duty. Not pop along to D G or Oman or Kuwait and get a GSM Iraqi GW1 or GW2 etc.

    I find it harder to justify not giving the troops actually in theatre who take incoming fire. But other than helicopter type folk and RN attached to Booties very few people in the Andrew are in hot spots. When was the last time some one fired at a Pussers war canoe with anything bigger than 20mm. If its happened more than a dozen times since 1982 I would be surprised.

  15. The MOD says ". It has never been the Government's policy to consider
    service in the Armed Forces as the sole justification for the institution of a medal;"

    This is totally untrue. Open up this "British Armed Firces booklet."

    You will find 3 types of medals (all are photographed) issued by the MOD.
    No1) Campaign Medals (for active service in an area of risk & rigour)
    No2) Decorations (for gallantry, bravery & valour)
    No 3) Other Awards ( for long service, jubilee medals and medals for service in the Armed Forces as the sole justification for the institution of a medal;"

  16. And the point/message of your post was?????????????????????


  17. Nutty you said: "So I will repeat medals are for people who do something above and beyond the call of their duty." I would agree with you that some medals awarded by HMG are for something above the call of duty, but surely you dont believe all members of the Armed Forces awarded the QGJM was for something above and beyond the call of duty?

    So the point of my post was to point out that some medals awarded by HMG are for SERVICE, namely the call of duty and nothing more.
  18. As I understand it ALL members of the Queens Armed Forces were not awarded the QGJM or the QSJM in 77 only the ones who's names were picked out of the hat or had contacts to ensure one came there way. So did CPO "A" get one Yes did O/S "B" get one No.

    I will return to my original thought by a quote from one of your recent posts. Medals should only be awarded for:

    "No2) Decorations (for gallantry, bravery & valour)"

    As I have also said should RM/Army /Junglies in Helos receive GSM's perhaps it should be renamed "Arduous Duty Medal" with a very strict criteria on how it should be awarded to "Out patrolling and engaging the enemy in Afghanistan" Yes. Sitting on an air conditioned ship get three cooked meals a day sat at a table then going off for a shower before returning to the Ops Room , or whatever its called these days, No.

    Do I have a medal yes, GSM Borneo and I am entitled Malaysian award. Have I ever worn it. No neither whilst I was in Pusser for seven and a half years. It was never questioned on Divisions or why I had no ribbon on my No.1s Nor did I wear it whilst in Police Uniform for 3 years. Would I ever wear it. No. I did nothing but my job to earn it.

    But then this post was about how can UK Servicemen get themselves awarded another bit of chest tin from Australia to add to their collection.
  19. So what does that prove? Only that HMG was divisive when they awarded Jubilee medals. Did CPO "A" receive his QGJM or the QSJM 77 for service over and above the call of duty? I doubt it, furthermore if the Australian ADM medal is to be classed as a tin gong then the QGJM or the QSJM 77 are also tin gongs. But at least the ADM & Jubilee gongs are official tin gongs compared to the unofficial tin commemoratives which some veterans are wearing at remembrance parades today.

    The Australian government just happen to be more generous to their citizens (serving and veterans alike) in handing out their tin gongs than the meanspirited British Government.

    If a few British veterans qualify for the ADM whats the big deal, maybe they missed out receiving one of those jubilee tin gongs when they did their service.

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