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What's it like, Anyone been there. Is the beer shite or do they just export the crap?

Has it got any forests?

I might give it a go.
I don't know, you meet a geezer at the airport, put him up, show him the sights, share your bestest frocks and regularly entertain him and he tries to fook orf at the drop of a hat. :-D
Australian forests? Most of them look like this...
Visit at your peril. My daughter went there after graduating from Uni and brought back a Welsh bloke! They're still together seven years later.


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Perth was on the radar......... best not play in their forests.
You up for a beer tomorrow NZB?
Are you looking at holidaying or working blobs?

I had lunch with Peter Collier in August, he was here to try and poach our industry's workforce and brazenly admitted it, one of his entourage openly offered me a work experience visit, the strong possibility of a job and a resettlement package in Western Australia in front of my Director who wasn't too happy - but has now agreed to review my salary :-D

They are desperate for skilled workers in almost every discipline from my industry - Engineering Construction to gardeners and drivers, they have a huge issue with their young workforce buggering off to earn big bucks in the mining industry which seems to have a never ending thirst for labour - young guys of 19 and 20 are earning upwards of $70,000 a year labouring in the mines. Recently as new mines (mostly high value gold, copper and cobalt) have opened up some of their apprenticeship programmes have crashed as apprentices give up their training to dig dirt. The fallout rate from their apprenticeship programmes is 51% - in the UK it is 1%.

The result of all this is that WA is one of the few places left in the world where older workers or people looking for new opportunities have a great chance because they aren't competing with the youth.

The downside, it is isolated, very isolated by all accounts but Perth is supposed to be a very nice place and you'd never need to leave. If you did want to go anywhere else you'd be looking at a day travelling minimum.

I'll be honest it all sounded very interesting and here is the website they promoted in one of their presentations for public sector jobs in the state: WA Jobs and here is the site one of the guys in his entourage runs for skilled jobs in the construction sector including engineering, power, oil and gas: Skill Hire

If it's just a holiday you are looking for though, stick to Sydney!
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Not going for a holiday mate. Things may well being going pete tong here in NZ so looking for plan B. Got a couple of options to explore here in NZ and a job offer on the table from OZ.
I've lived here (Brisbane) for the last 18 months since leaving the Andrew, no regrets except the beer is expensive and I still dont understand AFL!
If it's just a holiday you are looking for though, stick to Sydney!
Sod that; you might just as well go to China because Sydney bears more resemblance to Shanghai than it does the rest of Australia. If you were going on holiday you need to get yourself up to the Kimberley in WA or the rain forests of northern Queensland; that's Australia.

Blobby, I can't recall whether it's you or NZB who is involved in the forestry industry, driving the logging trucks. If it's you then there are quite a few job opportunities south of Perth. We live on the coast but not far inland there are shed-loads of pine forests and they've been planted for harvesting. We see roadtrains all the time packed with big sticks. They transport them to Bunbury where they are shredded into bits and then loaded onto big boats and taken off to pulp mills somewhere (or shipped to China, along with a LOT of sand). If this is your speciality then I'm 99% certain you'd be in a great position to get a job in this area (look up Bunbury, Busselton). As has been mentioned before, Australia has become really quite expensive to live, especially compared to NZ, so make sure you have a good gander at that before leaving the safety of Earthquake Island :)

PM me if you need more thoughts/advice on living south of Perth.
I'd obviously love to meet up and show all that WA has to offer but I won't be in your area when you arrive. I know you haven't said where or when but I'm cerain I'm not there, then :-D Weather is slowly starting to warm up but certainly not dipping in the sea temperatures yet. Mind you, the fish are starting to move and they're not going to catch themselves; hence my absence.
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What's it like, Anyone been there. Is the beer shite or do they just export the crap?

Great land downunder, good beer, we export all the crap Fosters to the UK,it's gotta be good there's more than enough adventurers taking the short cut route here from NZ across the Tasman.

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