Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Scrumpy, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. In a bid to raise money for australians who have lost their homes

    Rolf Harris has released his latest single ,

    Put me kangaroo out sport.
  2. Fcuk me that's funny. Unfortunately after every news bulletin they flash up a few pics of the 170+ people who have lost their lives in this disaster which kind of takes the edge off it. Maybe I'd find it funny if it was your house burnt down, your family burned alive.

    I know it's only jack humour but have a thought mate. This isn't the messdeck, this site is seen around the world.

    Nuff said.
  3. Not only is your sick post seen around the world,
    your ip address is too.
    bty - the numbers may be up to 300.
    Scrumpy - i was in tears 2 days ago ,my daughter lives in Bendigo,shes safe.
  4. Oh dear...

    Who would have thought such black humour on a military website?

    Rant somewhere else FFS.
  5. My thoughts exactly.
  6. For a minute I thought it was a collection for those people who have lost their homes and loved ones.

    One step up from pond life would be insulting pond life.

    Stupid cnut!
  7. Moved out of CA and into the Gash Barge.
  9. Black humour has always gone on. Personally it takes more than that to offend me.
  10. Really? Right, give me a minute, it's my forte.
  11. It doesnt offend me either yet however i wouldnt class it as humour as it is not in the slightest funny at all .hmmm
  12. Give it your best shot! :wink: :D
  13. Moomin PMT time is it?
  14. moommin

    No probs with the humor it is just unless supported by a recent Media publication is is hardly "Current Affairs" just a sick/offensive/Black humor. So put it in Lil's or Gash.

    "Zeebruge Ferry Disaster Survivors Reunion on Saturday "Doors open at 8 am"

  15. what is it with guys obsession with asking women if its PMT time

    argh mind ur own business :evil:
  16. Nutty - I agree its not really 'current affairs' there are more suitable places to put it.

    Jimmy - I'll have PMT if I damn well want it! :D
  17. Don't make me do the 'all men are useless' :wink:

  18. I would join you in that.
  19. A man recieves a phone call from the hospital saying his wifes about to give birth, so he drives like fcuk to get there and the doctor says "the babies beautiful, doing great andyour wifes recovering superbly"
    On entering the room, the man finds it empty, the man says 'what the fucks going on?' And the doctor says 'april fool, your wifes dead and your babies a spastic'.

    What do Bjorn Bjorg and Michael Watson have in common?

    Ones a swede the others a cabbage.

    And my personal favourite;

    Whats pink and red and silver and crawls into walls screaming?

    A baby with forks in it's eyes.

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