Australia accused of undermining courts

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Personally I think it's a bloody good idea!

    Good on'ya mate
  2. Good to see the Australian government knows it is in charge there.
  3. There is a very simple answer to this....
    They have revoked his work visa, therefore he is no longer allowed to work, cannot support himself - drian on society hence one way ticket to his country of origin.....
  4. UKdaytona for Prime Minister!!
  5. The doctor in question was arrested trying to leave the country on a one way ticket to India after news of the UK bomb attacks broke. He was kept in custody under anti-terrorism legislation for 12 days and finally charged with 'providing material support for terrorism' The magistrate granted him bail and there tha matter rests as far as the criminal justice system is concerned.

    The Migration Act, however is an entirely different set of legislation and provides for the cancellation of visas of persons not of good character. This blokes proven association with terrorists would indicate that he is not of good character, therefore his visa was cancelled. The Act also povides for the detention of such persons, so the Doc is now tucked away in the Immigration Detention Centre at Villawood.

    The two situations have, in a legal sense, nothing to do with each other. However the usual bleeding hearts and bed wetters are jumping up and down screaming about police states etc. You would thing this bloke had been snatched at random off the street instead of being the subject of security service surveillance and arrested only when attempting to flee the country.
  6. Wouldnt work im sorry to say

    1 - im not Scottish
    2 - I would invest in things like Armed Forces, Homeland Security, Health Service, Education and lots of new Prisons
    3 - I would enforce the EU Immigration Policy to the letter and deport them all to France or Germany and suggest they make their appeals from there.
    4 - I would tell the PC Human Rights lot to politely GO AWAY and install rights for the innocent and punishments for the guilty
    amongst other things
  7. At least he will get a decent punishment in Aus!Here it would be a spot of jail then time off for good behaviour then compensation for some load of bollocks!Personally if youre caught being a Terrorist then you forfeit your life!

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