Austin Dobson, do you think he might have been "Jack"

Found this poem some time back and thought the bloke who wrote it was so friggin sarcy he could have been a Matelot.
This is the updated(modernised version of ) this poem

King Philip has boasted his claims,
He has sworn for a year he would sack us,
With an army of heathenish names,
He is coming to fagot and stack us,
Like the thieves of the sea he would track us,
And shatter our ships on the main,
But we had bold Neptune to back us,
So where are the galleons of Spain?

His ships that are named after dames,
To the skirts of which he would tack us,
With their saints names and gilded stern frames,
He had thought like an egg-shell to crack us.
Now lord Howard can get back to his Flaccus,
And Drake back to Devon again,
And Hawkins bowl rubbers to Bacchus-
For where are the galleons of Spain?

Let his Majesty hang at St James,
The axe he has "whetted" to hack us,
He can't play at this "choice" of game,
And at sea he can't hope to "thwack" us,
To his mines in Peru he would pack us,
To wear his great ball and chain.
ALAS,that his "greatness" should lack us,
Cus where are the galleons of Spain.

Gloriana...The Don may attack us,
Whenever their stomach's be fain,
He must REACH US, before he can "rack" us.
Oh where are the galleons of Spain.
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