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aussie soldier wants to join RM COMMANDOS

Hey lads hows things?
I am wondering if it is possible for myself to join royal marines commandos? i have my discharge in and ill be out of the aussie army in december. myself and a mate from the NZ army have been training hard for this and we would just like some information on how we can do this if possible please

any help appreciated

thanks alot



Lantern Swinger
Morning has I'm one of the few Pomme’s still awake I thought you might like a quick reply, have you read the forums on here ref, Royal marines, Newbie's etc.
I take it you've looked on the RM web site,, has I understand it if you’re a Commonwealth Citizen then you should be eligible, also try PM Ninja Stoker he seems to be the font of all knowledge ref joining.


War Hero
Hi James and welcome aboard, start the Recruitment ball rolling as soon as you can.
As you're a Commonwealth citizen you're entitled to apply, it will probably just take a lot longer due to Security Checks etc, although your former service will stand you in good stead.
Get started on compiling/ensuring all your paperwork is up to date and keep up the fitness routine, also start stocking up on jumpers and merino underwear, you know it makes sense.
If you're able the sooner you can get to the UK on a Working Visa, for example, the better. It would probably speed things up if you were more Johnny on the Spot.
As QQC stated the Ninja will be along shortly, you won't see him but he will pass on his Kata of Recruitment and be gone again before you know it...down to the pub most likely.
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