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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Jimmy, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Interesting to see how many Aussies, or expoms living in AUS are on here. :) 8)
  2. Out of curiosity are you an ex Pom or are you born and bred Aussie,i was in Freemantle and Perth in the 80s and i must say that i loved Freemantle so much that for a couple of seconds the thought of jumping ship entered my head,only for a milli second i might add :D i hated Perth,it was just trouble every night ashore,i remember we were on the bus going to perth one day and the conductoress got real stroppy with us because we were pommy matelots,next thing i remember was being told to leave the bus when she didnt like it cos we gave as good as we got, :wink:
  3. Do you remember the ships dance and that stripper I pulled Carol her name was, or cherry on stage.
    I was as drunk as a sootsack and the PO Reggie made me go as they were short of blokes that many sheila's had turned up. 8O :roll: :wink:
    We had been at sea for weeks doing that exercise deep furrow. :twisted:
  4. Well what are you? Oz or Pom.
  5. Your memory puts me to shame Rumratperson,if the dance was in Freemamtle theni do remember it,i also pulled but she was only 15 and she wouldnt let do anything except kiss her, 8)
  6. Well answer our question please 8)
  7. Well, well, well ask for Aussies and what do I get? half a pom in England and a pom in Norway! :roll: In answer to your question I aint a pom. :)
    :) :wink: 8)

  8. :D ok cheers me dear,a pint of fosters to that man 8) but where did your forfathers come from,unless your a native that is,
  9. must have been the Pagoda Ballroom????
  10. Rumrat maybe remembers scouse but i certainly cant remember the ballroom name,
  11. It was a civic centre in Subiaco Perth, they had advertised for weeks for Party's to attend this bash and half of Perth arrived. They actually did clear lower deck and made it compulsory to attend for diplomatic policy.
    I was as drunk as a soot sack, and they carried me ashore under the supervision of RPO Gregory aka Greg the reg. He was a good hand but his sh*t stunk.
    Sorry I did not tell you Karen was a Waffu. She is the reason I was p*ssed that night in Oz, just had the telegram.
    Yes I know went and pulled, animal etc etc, but it had to be done.
    Political Policy. :oops: :cry:
    She's 36 now and still my baby girl. Not allowed to say it infront of her oppo's though. :roll: :wink:
  12. Halfway between Freemantle and Perth on the main Drag, had Two ships company dances their for the Victorious and Hermes :wink:
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I thought of going to Ozzi but two things put me off, insects on steroids and spiders on steroids. So I went to Gods own country instead, much nicer and has proper beer.

  14. You have "migrant" red backs in NZ now according to reports they have published over there. 8O
    Please remember the song, "always have a shuffty before you have a pish"
  15. Behave yourself mate, I may be at the back of Bourke, but I am a true blue when the surface is scratched.
    It says "Norwood" Adelaide on mine, so unless SA has ceded from the states and territory I'm full flushed.
    Now go back to your B&S party, and don't get having a bingle on the way home. :) :) :) :wink:
  16. Trelawneys keeping quiet, but his father was born in Williamstown. :wink:
  17. G'day Jimmy

    I am here in sunny Brisbane but have been commuting for the last 12 months as my time in the Andrew is not yet complete. Not technically a pom though as I am one of the master race from sunny Ecosse!


  18. Bump
  19. You was a POM over here as well then? :roll: :wink:

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