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Aussie rant

Is John Howard right?

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Jasper said:
BeerBad said:

Jasper, you simply back up my statement by claiming many muslims are concerned about how things are going. The problem with statements like the one we are discussing is that they marginalise groups and not behaviour. I am sure that there are already laws against incitement in OZ.

I think you misunderstood what I said. Many Muslims in Australia are not happy that the more extreme Muslims are pushing for Shia law to be formally recognised and are happy that the Australian Govt is rejecting that call. Two of my employees are Muslims, both born here and very much westernised Muslims. They have no desire to live in what they call an 'old world' lifestyle.

Just on racism. Australia is no better or worse than any western country I've visited. I'm sometimes embarrassed by our lack of tollerance.

I didn't misunderstand. My original point was that most of the immigrants are aghast at the sort of things said by the radicals that are portrayed in the media as represantatives of their group.

I have worked with many muslims whose devotion ranges from strict observers to those who drink and love a bacon sarnie and all are disgusted at what the extremists say and do and the fact that many people cannot seperate the law abiding from the terrorists.

Statements that condem groups and not behaviour do not help in these situations. As has been pointed elsewhere in this thread other individuals who lay claim to some sort of ideology (and that includes political) behave in ways that in our society is unacceptable.
bottom line is that if extremist muslims want only to submit to their own muslim laws then they should go the fcuk back to the desert and live how they like. if they want to live in oz or uk or wherever then they should damn well obey the laws of that country. I live in a foreign country and gladly abide by the religious and other laws, I wouldn't dream of trying to go against the laws here so why do the muslims think they can do what they want. I am sick to death of these trouble making extreme muslims (yeah I know there are good muslims, I know some), they are really starting to alienate themselves big time, who like sitting next to an arab looking dude on a plane? Not I. Good luck to Oz for having the balls to say what our pc faggy politicians will never say.
Lingyai said:
Maxi_77 said:
Lingyai said:
who like sitting next to an arab looking dude on a plane? Not I.

Just as well I don't travel round your part of the world these days, I can pass for an arab most days.

Just as long as you don't have explosive shoes....... :lol:

The shoes are usually not to bad, a trifle smelly but if I had a good curry the night before with a few Singha, well, the bomb may be preferable.


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