Aussie Occupational Health Study Report on 'O' Boats


Lantern Swinger
Interesting report on environmental and health hazards identified on Australian 'O' boats once you get past the usual OH&S technical jargon and advisor speak.
Also some comparisons drawn with the Collins Class boats. Bit late now but where was all this expert H&S audit infomation when we really needed it lol? Like they are telling us stuff we already knew anyway.

Red Sailor
Yeah, I read this when it first came out. While it has some good information I don't agree with some of what had been said. The complaint about inadequate medical records for example, may have been the case up to the mid 80s but by the time I was posted to a boat as Coxswain in 1988 I was required to keep a medical log and account for every pill and band aid I dished out. Whether the info I sent inboard ever made it to a sailors medical records is another story.
And just being picky, the grot was actually in the control room, not the accommodation space, and the drawings in the report are inaccurate - Australian boats did not have a separate AMS and ACS. :p
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