Aussie Imigration Policy.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by andym, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. andym

    andym War Hero


    God Bless Australia for saying what we are too PC to!
  2. Always_a_Civvy

    Always_a_Civvy Supporter - ADC

    Would that have deterred the Royal Navy though, if the native Aboriginies has posted that sign around their coastline?
  3. andym

    andym War Hero

    Dunno,could Capt Cook read Abo?
  4. Lingyai

    Lingyai New member

    Tell you what would help.
    For every immigrant that want's to come here, their country has to agree to take one of our burberry wearing, scrounging, argos gold wearing chav scum in exchange.
  5. slim

    slim War Hero

    Nice one Lingy.
    Amazing how many of these benefit collecting scum are driving cars and displaying all the signs of a cash rich lifestyle.
    Benefit system is past its sell by date.
  6. Maxi_77

    Maxi_77 War Hero

    Then the question is who will we have to accept from Thailand in return for you?

  7. Lingyai

    Lingyai New member

    The ex-PM, he's there already

    SILVER_FOX New member

    Re the sign - Beautiful, just [email protected] BEAUTIFUL. Only the Australians possess the ability to express the obvious in such a simple but effective manner.

    As for the Chav exchange - if we inisted on it, it could actually stop the influx of immigrants. After all, what fool country would want them?

  9. brigham600

    brigham600 War Hero

    Chav swop. Sounds like a cracking idea to me and we could soon rid the country of these benefit swindling oxygen thiefs.
  10. Maxi_77

    Maxi_77 War Hero

    Probably acceptable if he brings all his ill gotten gains with him.

  11. Jack77

    Jack77 War Hero

    I love it! Where did you find it AndyM? Having recently visited the UK to see my wifes family, I was bloody amazed at the PC bullshit you people have to put up with. I know we are bad in Australia for this shite but the few weeks I spent in Scotland left me gobsmacked, to use a favourite Pommy term.
  12. F169

    F169 New member

    For any of you serving RNers/late RN leavers under 48 do not take the sign at face value!

    The RAN is definitely not full and retirement ages can range from 55 to 60 depending on your DOB. if you fancy a second career, dual citizenship etc. write to the NA at the Aussie HC with your background/quals and someone will get in touch. The whole process can take as long as a year but its worth it and there a lot of ex-RN in the RAN. NB you will probably have to start at a lower rate/rank depending how bad they want your skills.
  13. Jimmy_Green

    Jimmy_Green War Hero

  14. andym

    andym War Hero

    It was posted on another RN website and i pinched it and stuck it on here.I think its all down to Dabs for finding it.

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