Aus and US Troops fight it out on the streets of Darwin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by The_Jimmy, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. I just love some of the names down there " Duck's Nuts end " :D
  2. "While attempting to break up that fight a police member was king hit from behind and he was knocked down," he said.

    "king hit" is that the same as fuc (king) hit ?
  3. That's because there is sod all else to do in Darwin, might as-well have a piss up and a punch up!
  4. Was thinking that myself :?
  5. True, Forth had to pull in there for emergency boiler repairs after bursting a couple of tubes, ships company drank the place dry in two nights.

    Locals then had the pleasure of watching us sup our daily ration of cans on the upper scupper.
  6. Had to look for it!

    Australian Slang

    King hit
    1. severe decisive blow; 2. punch from behind; 3. any sudden misfortune; 4. punch forcibly and without warning

  7. :whax: :Nothings new under the sun! I recall jack vs. Teddy boy holidaymakers on Rothesay Isle of Bute back in the 50s. :twisted: Also the jack vs the poison dwarfs of the Highland Light Infantry which mainly took place round the NAFFI club Bucannhan Street Glasgow, things got ugly due to the use of those little pig sticker bayonets the Army used at that time. :x Then there was the running feud with the local lads and the "Tiffies"at Caledonia. :whdat: The good old days! :lol:
  8. Dont believe it happened.. John Wayne has been dead far too long..

    Reminds me of Vancouver Island when we had a running battle with the yanks, french, canadians and kiwis back in 1978, the kiwis were sent home in disgrace afterwards.. They had to call out the local militia to try and contain it, brilliant punch up...
  9. Remember it well --we stopped at Cairns aswell with boiler problems !!

    Darwin what a fcukin place --no wonder they made their own entertainment.

    Saw a mass punch up in Cannes Yanks v Brits vFrench -the yank shore patrol moved in and hammered the yanks and got them back to their ship !! Good move anyway because the bill for damages to the street
    the French tried to claim of us -- no chance !! The yanks told them to
    get knotted aswell.

    Great run ashore -- :lol: :lol:


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