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Aung San Suu Kyi's election win


Pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi's party has won a landslide victory in by-elections, local election officials have confirmed.
With partial results announced, the National League for Democracy (NLD) won at least 40 of the 45 seats being contested.
Ms Suu Kyi said she hoped the polls marked the start of a new era in Burma.

BBC News Asia.

I hope that this is the start of a new era for Burma as it's a county that I have always wanted to visit but have refused to do so as it would be virtually impossible to visit the country without supporting the military regime in some way.
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I find this wonderful news. I did some study on ASSK in the foundation course for my OU history stuff, and think she is an outstandingly strong and brave woman. Had to do a critical analysis so said that she should be a little bit younger and live in Devon or Cornwall.

Not sure about this 'Democracy' malarky mind you. Doesn't work anywhere else.


War Hero
While I am happy with the news from Burma,my happiness will be somewhat muted until we see what difference,if any,it will make.


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'Call me Dave' doesn't waste much time for a photo opportunity..........


He must be sweating like the proverbial pink pig in that Primark suit but I digress, I hope that sanctions are eased and the country moves forward on that long road to democracy, I will wait a while yet before making my travel arrangements, not too long though as I ain't getting any younger.


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How can a man like Cameron appear besides a woman who has a tad of decency about her. She strives for democracy, and he, slimy git, denies the same thing to those who elected the turd. He is no different from the present rulers of Burma, a dictator in all but name.

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