Have already asked on ARRSE and apologies if the answer is staring me in the face.

However please do not panic I'm not thinking of re joining in any shape of form.

One of the younger members of our course asked me if I was aware of weather Audiologist are recruited by the Armed forces in any way ( uniformed or on civi contract) did a quick search and found alot of career websites said yes, when it came to the Army and Navy careers sites they came up with negitive resuilts regarding any searches for the word Audiologist.

ARRSE lot seemed to think it was a no across the board and any testing was done by MA's.

Cheers in advanced


P.S Had all the pardon. what , sorry didn't catch that posts on Arrse but if you feel the need I won't hold it against you.


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(Since you invited the answer)

Generally, there are indeed audiologists used by the Tri-Services, however most (if not all - happy to be corrected, in fact amazed not to be) tend to be civilians who are employed in a primary healthcare hospital which the Armed Forces refer service people for testing. (Guys, Selly Oak etc.)

Doubtless there are Service Nurses who are trained as such as an additional qualification, but so far as I'm aware (whilst awaiting outraged contradictory comments from those specialised in this field) we do not directly employ individuals who are solely trained in this area of expertise as servicepeople.

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