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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by Tailz, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. I run my computers sound through my Sony stereo via a 3.5mm jack lead into the audio in on my stereo.

    And lately, its only been playing out of one speaker, but when i play cd's in the stereo not via the audio in line, both speakers are working fine.

    Ive done the obvious, replaced the jack lead, checked my sound card settings, and windows settings checking everything is set to come out of both speakers etc. Ive even checked itunes's preferences, running outta ideas..

    Any ideas?
  2. Maybe the speaker balance is out?
  3. Nope ive checked all things like that...

    I dont think itll be very obvious, cos as i said i have checked all the blatent things that what could it
  4. Could it be the "audio in" socket on your stereo? Could try a 3.5mm to twin RCA cable if it has RCA inputs?
  5. What operating system are you using?

    How do other programs act, i.e. listening to sound on youtube?
    If everything is affected then its more likely to be a system control, if only one program is affected, then it may be that program.

    You mentioned itunes, can you use windows media player or another media player? How do these react?

  6. Do you have something like an MP3 player that you could use via the 3.5mm cable to check the stereo input side of things?

    And perhaps a set of headphones that you could plug into the PC's 3.5mm stereo out socket to check the PC's stereo output too?

    Is it just music that has started coming out of one speaker only, or every sound from the PC?

    Do you have your media playery type thing (Sorry I can't bring myself to say that Applecrap word) set to Mono by any chance? Or even the files that you are using, have they been converted to mono?

    Just a few things to think about :)
    Hopefully it isn't your sound card, although if you are only using a 2 speaker setup through an external stereo, you could get away with using the mobo's built in soundcard (if you aren't already) or buy a new stereo soundcard for pennies few.
  7. can you give the name of your computer sound card... that might help.

    It's one of three things:
    1. Cable - damaged or not plugged in fully (probably not)
    2. Soundcard - it's bust; (maybe only the jack socket)
    3. Hifi - you're plugged into the wrong socket or some knob isn't switched on

    (no puns please)
  8. 99% of sound card probs are down to faulty drivers. Uninstall them and reinstall them. Should solve your dilemma...! :w00t:
  9. 99%? Where did you get this snippet?

    If its a driver update or re-install then its probably the drivers, yes. If the sound was fine and has just gone wrong then its more likely to be anything other than the drivers, unless he's been "mucking about" with settings etc and fecked them up.
  10. Float test it
  11. As Lamri says I doubt its the drivers. but it's no hardship to reinstall them and get them upgraded etc, to be certain they are ok. Personally I would check out the Pc audio output socket and the Sterio imput socket.
  12. Possible faulty soundcard/soundcard input socket???
  13. This was started last April - if he hasn't fixed it by now then he can't be bothered to.
  14. So what? The information is still relevant to anyone else with the same type of problem.
  15. So what? The information is still relevant to anyone else with the same type of problem.
  16. You are so not funny Lamri! In fact you are so not funny my sides are splitting from laughing at you! Not!
  17. And I suppose you think that your post was hilarious?

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