Audi A3!

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Chicogiz, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. Audi a3 any good? Im looking at buying a new car and have been looking at this. Its affordable to me the price, looked at the insurance and thats also affordable!

    Anyone owned one? Any good?


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  2. Very nice, what size donk?

    Golf with knobs on
  3. Nice car, a bit out my league.
  4. 2 Litre. Automatic.
  5. I bought a 2 ltr diesel A3 last November. DSG 6 speed auto gearbox and goes like a belt-fed wombat. Just today though the engine "kicked" just slightly as I was slowing down at a roundabout. It went into 'limp-home' mode and I lost all gears (including reverse) except 1st. RAC couldn't do anything on the road and I ended up being towed back to a garage. They'll have a look tomorrow I guess and I'll find out the damage later! Don't let that put you off, that's the first hiccup I've had with it and
    they're still the bees knees and so much more than a Golf in drag...
  6. Dull, overpriced, over-rated eurobox which, along with Golf and Focus is the stock hatch for those with no soul nor imagination.
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Chico buying a car? Makes a change from nicking one, I suppose... :shock:
  8. What MPG are you getting?
  9. Tek no notice of these ruddy philistines, Chico, they're just jellassss!
    Seriously f'r a minnit, Audi/ VAG motors may not be the dog's danglies style-wise, in fact they are a bit boxy and boring; however agin that I have to say they're well-designed, properly screwed together and the fit/finish is better than Jap stuff.
    I'd be a bit careful about the autobox though, as they can be a bit of a nightmare if one of the internal valve solenoids goes down - had that several times in the past couple of years and it ain't a cheap fix.
    My last Audi was a 20v 2.3 Quattro Turbo S4, which was a lovely motor; however its thirst was such that it passed everything but petrol stations!
  10. had A3 and A6 both diesel THE A6 much better car but it was 3ltr tdi try the bmw 3series its better than the A3 and can be picked up for the right money pref the 330d got the get up and go and still good mpg
  11. Of an Audi A3? Really, some people have no standards.
  12. Try a spin in the Focus RS Mk 1 or 2
  13. No thanks. It's a Ford. And a chavved up, rattly, torque steering one at that.

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