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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mooo, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. I have my medical this Wednesday and was wondering should I bother going suited and booted for a quick medical? I was planning on having a mooch around London afterwards and I know suits can be a bit uncomfortable.
  2. Went for and passed mine last Wednesday mate and went in jeans and t-shirt!! Its all good!!!

    Good Luck
  3. My thoughts exactly! Everything else has been done and dusted. Mum/Aunt/Girlfriend think i should go in wearing a suit. If it is a nice day I was planning on wearing shorts and a t-shirt.
  4. Naked......saves the time getting your kit off later.....jesting, of course
  5. You may as well get used to looking reaonably smart as your career will involve you having a pride in your appearance; but don't go over the top, comfort is important and you don't want to have a medical examination if you are a big sweaty heap. Also of importance is to be clean, but I don't need to tell you that.
  6. When i did mine, we all sat in a room, one by one we saw the doc and his assitstant, got checked, handed in the papers upstairs.

    Was hardly a formal event. Most people there had jeans/t-shirt/shoes on.
  7. One word: standards.
  8. Hi Mooo,

    There is no need to wear anything smart, just wear somthing that you are comfortable in and that is easy to get off for the medical.

    Remember you will be asked to give a urine sample so don't go before you arrive.

    hope that helps

    Neil - Supermario

  9. Thanks supermario. I was hoping you would reply to this topic. If it is hot like today then the shorts/t-shirt/flip flops is a defo.
  10. At school we just wore shorts and plimsolls and were very self-conscious as the nurse inspected us for signs of disease or wear! ;)
  11. My medical was immediately after my interview. So i went in a suit and tie, however i don't really think it matters to be honest.
  12. Yer my medical should have been straight after the interview but I had an op a few months previous, which made my upper body very weak. I managed 3 press-ups!!!! So they booked another medical 2 months in advance to give me time to improve. I can now do 27 press-ups.
  13. Bloody hell!!!! Three whole press ups!!! I try one and I'm knackered. :biggrin:
  14. Polo Shirt, Chinos, Sandals, a Cardigan and a flat cap.
    Can't go wrong.
  15. Bang on - smart casual (not the same as fashionable) and most important - clean, very clean! As others have said you are joining a disciplined service where you will be judged on how you appear.
  16. Beret, pants and flip flops
  17. during your medical how do the medical staff determine whether you are fit, what kind of tests are involved other than having to give an urine sample
  18. I think it is more to determine that you are fit for purpose, rather than fit in the sense of having a muscular body.
    Remember they will also have access to your medical records. Or, at least they did in my day.
    Aside from some moderate physical exercise in the inital phase of training the Navy, by its' nature, is not a career that requires a physique like superman; team spirit and doggedness are more what is required.
    Just go dressed smart, a shirt and trousers will be fine I feel sure, and be positive.
    Many moons ago I had my medical in High Holborn in London and the doctor, having examined me, remarked that I had no scars and told me I had had a wasted youth. He obviously expected young men to have been through a bit of rough and tumble.
    The very best of luck to you.
  19. Dooooo make sure your pristine white keks are free from the much commented upon skid marks, OR ELSE! :threaten:
  20. An armed forces medical consists of PULHEEMS; i.e. Physical Capacity (can you do physical things commensurate with your age/sex); Upper Limbs (have you got two? are they in good condition?) Lower Limbs (same as Upper Limbs, Hearing, E (Right eye) E (Left eye) have you got both? can you see out of them with normal spectacles, including colour perception; M (Mental capacity) can you understand and learn stuff, S (mental stability) are you well grounded and able to put up with life's vicissitudes? The normal PULHEEMS marking is 2. Nobody is ever 1, except Royal as he passes out of green beret training, and when he goes for a pint or two he is back to 2. Please don't ask about P3/P4/P5/P6/P7/P8! A medical examiner will also need to need to know if your heart and lungs are OK, if you have two descended testes, if you have a reasonable BMI, do your kidneys work, is your liver undamaged and whatever else is his particular pet subject. As far as the heart goes, most examining MO's couldn't hear a train if it was headed straight for them, so don't worry. A senior MO at HMS Ganges during the days of boys joining with long hair once asked me, as his assisting POMA at a joining final medical session, "Tell me PO, why do I ask them to drop their towel?". Bemused, I said, "To check for undescended testes Sir!" "No", he said, "To make sure they haven't sent their sister in their place!" Collapse of us both in tears of laughter.

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