Greetings everyone, Please could someone clarify for me. Date of attestation is date of enlistment? or intake date of formally joining the RNR having completed Recruit process SC,pjft,Med etc the enlistment date?

Cheers in advance


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Not an expert on this bit, by any means but, as I understand it you are not in until all boxes are ticked. The RNR runs "early attestation" in order to keep candidates engaged whilst the security chaps do their stuff.

Evidently the first few weeks of training are not secret. History of the navy, rank structure, drill and ironing shirts are not things that will bring down HMG should the knowledge get into the wrong hands. Early attestation was brought in so that all this type of training could be undertaken whilst waiting for security clearance.

I think that you are "in" once everything is done and a service number has been issued.

Thanks @Sumo

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