Attestation night

Hi all,

I'm due to attest next month and from reading a few posts on here I understand that you basically just need to dress smart casual, read the attestation and give your uniform sizes.

Any thing else I should look out for on the night? Presumably I should address everyone as either Sir or Ma'am?

I'm looking obviously to make a good impression and would like to avoid looking too much like a newbie!

Anchor Faced

Lantern Swinger
Always carry a pen, usually a pad.

Be interested, stay switched on.

Nobody expects you to be a steely-eyed warrior on day 1.
Thanks for the advice so far.

I got myself a small pad and pen to carry around with me.

I've got a question about haircuts - I was at the barbers two weeks ago but I got the tape measure out and some of my fringe is marginally longer than 4cm. Is that going to be a problem at attestation?
Sorry just read the regs again, it appears 4cm is bulk size. 15cm is the total length so I am ok.

15cm sounds a lot longer than I imagined would be permissible!
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