Attestation and beyond?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by u04elw2, Oct 9, 2014.

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  1. So good news is ive passed my psychometric test and interview. Now have attestation next Monday, medical on 22nd October and fitness test within a month after that.

    I guess my main question is what happens between now and passing everything? After attestation I've been told I can attend drills? Do I get uniform yet?

    Excited but nervous. Still haven't told my family yet as there's so many places I could still fail but two steps closer now anyway!
  2. Well done! :) I was wondering if I could ask a question about the interview, instead of making a new thread.

    The interview, is it pass or fail in the sense that if you answer the questions wrongly then you don't get in, or is it just common sense questions? I have my interview on the 21st of October and I'm getting a bit nervous! :p
  3. Thanks fender!

    Tbh it was really not scary. It felt more like an informal chat at the beginning and the scenario based questions have no right or wrong answer - they just want to see you think them through and answer truthfully. Honestly wouldn't stress about it, really simple interview :)
  4. Confidence levels boosted massively! Thank you so much! do they ask you about where you go for training and pay, because thats what im revising right now!

    also, what are you hopefully going in as? :)
  5. He asked if I knew anything about how training was set up - I'm going in for reserves so it was more about the 24 days training commitment etc. nothing about pay for me but that's because I won't be salaried as such you get asked things like "if you were on an excercise and someone suggested taking a shortcut, would you". Obviously just answer truthfully and embellish a little bit to show you're a good egg but you seriously will be fine!
  6. Thanks!:)
  7. You'll get some uniform though with some way of distinguishing you as a probationer and not yet in new entry. What you'll be doing on drill nights will also be limited because you haven't completed the joining process. Use it as a time to get to know the others in your class, the unit and enjoy yourself.
  8. Thank you! Good to know I can make a start anyway although scared to enjoy myself too much in case I fail somewhere and end up gutted!!
  9. which unit are you set to join?

    As soon as you Attest, you should be given uniform (though as stated above, not full issue as you are still PROBATIONARY). The unit should then invite you to attend every drill night, (for which you will be paid) and also pay you to attend medical and PJFT etc - don't forget to ask them how you claim!
    Good luck
  10. Great thanks SR, looking forward to all of this new stuff :)

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