Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. This was one of the best weekends I've had in six years.

    Cant wait for the next.

    Everyone (and i mean everyone) was well up for it both during the training and the evening activities.

    And i have about 300 photos to prove it! I've been promising our NE class that the weekends are well worth staying in for once you've got passed the boring stuff and this weekend proved that to them.

    As the hosting unit, if anyone has any feedback/suggestions we would love to hear them, constructive only please!

    PS. If anyone would like to buy the rights to any of these photo's before i start releasing them to the press then please let me know.

    BZ To all attendees, and especially the staff who organised it all.
  2. What was it exactly?
  3. What is Strensall? :shock:
  4. Strensall is a TA training establishment near York.

    The weekend was a midlands area training weekend primarily focused towards new entries and AB2's of all branches but it was generally good training for all.

    A small amount of first aid
    Leadership tasks
    DCCT Range
    Practical fire fighting
    A small amount of seamanship.
    A small amount of drill.

    Cos its in the middle of no where the night life is pretty limited but we arranged for a disco and raffle ect in the bar and it all turned out to be a belter.
  5. Trehorn, I was on the weekend. I have to agree that it was a belter of one. Much better than NE weekends. The disco was mint, even if the danceoff was a fix!
  6. Sorry mate, the lad from Eaglet was great. I was one of the judges.
  7. ah.........was this a regional weekend then?
    if it was and it was the midland's first welcome to the club maty....:) we've had 4 (I think) down here in the south west and they've all been pretty thats a lie they've all been cracking!!!!
    its generally all good stuff....leadership, ngt and using all the facilities available to us through mod sites to keep us all in date for stuff we can't do in well as having a laff :D
  8. Its not the first midlands region training weekend, we've had others. The thing being - its difficult to fit them in with all the other national training weekends that the midlands region seem to attend where other regions don't.

    Must i highlight the sea weekends in pompy yet again? There only seems to be CERES, SHERWOOD and FORWARD who attend. The Jocks attend the ones at Faslane.
  9. Did you have a few pints of swill in the Six Bells?

    (It's my TA base. :))
  10. A few on Friday night. The buggers had 20 of us in and wouldn't russell us up some grub cos they stopped serving at 1930 and it was 1945 when we got there. Not a bad place though for a couple of quite one's, if 20 RNR's can be quiet in a pub?

  11. The landlord is a right tight-arse. Bet he slung you out at dead on drinking up time as well.

    Still for, a local beer, organically brewed, it's not bad. The price isn't to be sniffed at either.

    Although, in my experience, it does leave you with a banger of a headache the next day and guts like a curry factory.
  12. I will do my very best to post some photos.

    No promises though.
  13. Anyone booked for the second Strensall weekend this weekend?

    Looks like its going to be a wet one. :pottytrain4:

    Last year was fantastic, hope this one follows suit - surley it would struggle to be any better?
  14. I'm coming - was 2nd name on list (after Lt Cdr B - who put the list up)....

    Looking forward to it - maybe a bit of snow as well!!
  15. I know the rig is 4's mate but bring whatever it takes to keep you warm. I'm taking half my combats as well as 4's cos they're warmer and waterproof.

    See you there.
  16. I'll be there, as I was last year!

    Taking my combats too, as hoping that someone will let us wear them and not freeze to death in 4's..

    Looking forward to it.
  17. So what's everyone's verdict? I got quite a lot out of it (not just CS residue!). Many worthwhile modifications/additions to Strensall '07. Thanks to the organisers and instructors.
  18. Yup, another belter. Shame everyone was a bit knackered to enjoy the social as much as usual but couldn't fault the weekend.

    Benny excelled himself again.
  19. Bloody good weekend - even better than last year, which was itself fantastic!

    Let's see what Forward can put on at Cosford in June..

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