Attention ex-Geordie Gunboaters during the nineties


War Hero

Here is an important newsflash. The double DVD 'The Best of NTV' featuring the very best of Newcastle Television, the Geordie Gunboat's very own superb media outlet which spawned many imitators, (including most of the shit you see on YouTube these days and is about as funny as blood on your toilet paper) is now available.

DVD 1 contains remastered footage of NTV from the four-or-so programmes we managed, set to the soundtrack of the time. It also includes recent footage of the fine vessel before she slipped and proceeded for the very last time. Also included are rare excerpts of the ship and ships company from Tyne Tees Television from the 90s.

DVD 2 contains bonus footage of the Karaoke Nights from Orient '92 (14 June 1992) and Southlant '93 (30 September 1993) as well as unseenbefore footage of the Christmas Pantomime 1993, staged in the Gull and Penguin Bar MPA.

All this, plus some more surprises for just £11-99 inc p&p.

The Best of NTV


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