Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by X.R.D., Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Nails has somehow guessed the pasword to my X.R.D account and so I have had to create another one. Do not respond to the other X.R.D account or take it seriously as it has been hacked by nails. I'm the real X.R.D. Nails is trying to imitate me in as accurate a way as possible. So do not be fooled by this numpty. It's kind of my own fault for having a simple password that he must of guessed.

    Real XRD
  2. No I haven't hacked your account! Stop accusing me of stuff you chopper.
  3.'ve been rumbled, about 30 seconds after you attempted it....just give it up now.....
  4. What?
  5. Nails/nails./XRD. has definate mental health issues RJ. You been locking him in a cellar and abusing his ringpiece again oppo??
  6. Be careful Nails, sometimes the best wind ups can come back on you
  7. :D
    He has no idea :D :twisted: 8) :D

  8. Fukk me ragged X.R.D! Even I have standards......they're quite low ones granted, but please!
  9. Just like best bumming sessions sometime leave a lot of pooh on your willy eh sweetie pie. U know what i mean don't ya huni. My willy still smells of your pooey bum he he. Wish u hadn't had that Korma u naughty boy xx
  10. Hahaha, go on ... please threaten me with some sort of "I'll find you" sh!t. That would just make my day.
  11. :twisted: :twisted: :evil:
  12. Bwahahahahahhaha
  13. Check your messages mate
  14. PM inbound mate

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