Attendance Records for Members of Parliament

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. Recently I have been watching parliament on television.
    To my surprise though we have over 600 members in the house, the numbers attending often number less than 20.
    Are records available as to dates and times for members attending the House of Commons?
    If not does anyone else think it should be a matter of public record?
  2. I was asked that question earlier this week, so I can give you a quick reply! :p

    No! :D

    The only records of Members' attendance is the voting record, available in Hansard. Not all debates end with a vote, so no records exists at all here. No other records are maintained. However the numbers present in the Chamber can be deceptive. On Thursday evenings many MPs return to their constituencies, returning to Westminster on Sunday or Monday morning. When MPs are not in the Chamber they may be meeting constituents, dealing with constituents' enquiries (often hundreds of letters a day) or participating in Committee meetings examining policy or legislation passing through Parliament. There is also an informal agreement between the different party Whips, that there will be a proportional balance of MPs in the House for certain business in order to facilitate the smooth and efficient running of the House and Parliamentary business.
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