Attempted Boarding

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimer, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. Sounds like no blame for the RN, and the QM handled the situation well. A little more excitment than I'd want if I was QM on duty...

  2. Had many a debate a while back about the "liability" of having a rifle on the gangway after some aggro in norway and in Newcastle. Everyone knows you can't shoot drunken civvies (no matter how much you would like to) and they know it too. The best thing is for a more secure gangway area i.e. lockable gate etc. and or a Fcuk off stick as used to be issued. Imagine the trouble if A: the QM shot a civvy
    or B: They got your gun off you.
    It is a very dodgy situation.
  3. The QM gets issued a retractable black metal baton that looks very painful as well. That would probably be more useful in this sort of situation, but you still need the rifle.
  4. Had to have a giggle at the quoted comment by a 'regular' of the Stornoway pub.

    One regular of the Stornoway pub said: "There were a lot of folk from the ship in on Saturday and things were okay at first.

    "But as the evening wore on, some of the girls were paying the sailors a bit of attention.

    "Things got a bit tense between the local boys and the Navy folk and it basically all kicked off at closing time."

    And there was me thinking all of the men up there were into sheep and the like! Cannot understand why the women would want anything to do with young, physically fit and loaded sailors?? Can you? ;-) :)

    Could have been a hairy situation though with regards the firearm.
  5. I know that is certainly not the first time the locals have got a trifle upset by 'their' girls fancying a real sailor, and it certainly won't be the last.

    I had a few experiences of having armed sentries on ships and boats myself, but the only time the sentry actually had bullets as well as a gun was in Aden, at all other times the bullets were in the OODs posession. Mind you we were more concerned about the gangway staff playing cowboys and indians than shooting civilians.

    Then the prefered weapon for such occasions where persons may attempt to board was the weighted axe handle, and sometimes pickaxe shaft.

  6. I got one of those and I can say they do hurt!!

    The question I would ask? Is it regarded as an offensive weapon or a defensive weapon!

    Remembering I am not as nimble on my feet these days and somebody may want to take my pension from me. JUST TRY IT BUSTER!!!

    QUOTE They got your gun of you.

    Remember many moons ago the students union[GOD BLESS EM AND KEEP THEM FROM WORK SORRY!!!! I MEAN HARM] where concerned that the TA soldiers standing on the corner[adopting the pose probably] where in fact part of a military take over. They phoned the cops who came along and took there nasty looking guns away and frog marched them to the local cop shop.

    We where instructed that not now or ever would the papers read that "ROYAL MARINES ARRESTED AND WEAPONS CONFISCATED" few dislodged teeth would make better reading. Besides what would the paras say!!
  7. As guard commander on a honking pongo training establishment I was once issued two female 18 year old RAF recruits carrying baseball bats

    The task at hand was to empty the Naafi of 40 Infanteers of various fish and chip mob capbadges

    bats were chucked in a bush and girls were left outside to radio for back up and possibly an ambulance for myself

    After dodging incoming pint glasses and jugs, perce felt sorry for me and exited the bar to continue fighting amongst themselves

    Had I gone in with a baseball bat never mind a rifle I would have had it taken off me and introduced anally

    I'm sure brassing up civvies would be frowned upon, maybe some cs in the grid and asp action would be more suitable

  8. It is all about reasonable force and you CANNOT go shooting civvies unless they are shooting at you end of dit. It is probably still not acceptable to twat them with an asp but I am sure the powers that be would be more sympathetic to that depending on the situation. I would much rather be standing in a civvy court having defended myself with a punch or a baton than be punished for, and live with having shot someone.
    Oh yeah, and getting locked up for it.
    There are a number of ways to make a gangway secure whilst alongside, and it amazes me why these are not used.
  9. Yeah, put the HP salt water main on 'em!

    Awkward situation though - what good is a baton when there's loads of 'em? Perhaps a warning shot would sober 'em up quick enough.

    Might be worth shooting one though, pour encourager les autres. :D
  10. When I was QM on the Liverpool some 20 years ago, Royal Marines on the ship ahead of us in Norway decided to board us at 02:00, a fully charged fire hose worked wonders.
  11. Got it in ONE, the best Policeman is heavy rain, the best remover of dirt from a gangway is a HP fire main hose. Keep one rigged at all times near the gangeway then you will not have to stand up in a Coroners Court or The Old Bailey and defend your actions of shooting an unarmed man/woman whilst looking at the possibility of 10 to 12 years in prison.


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