Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Caretaker, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. "A gang of Asians attack a white boy in Glasgow......its called a personnal attack.A gang of white boys attack a coloured lad.........its called racism.Works both ways doesn't it??"

    I politely ignored this stupid argument, but figure it deserves its own thread.

    Of course the former is not going to be reported as a racist attack. When was the last time any white english person was called racist names by a non-white non-english person in the UK?

    'Pakis' is the derogatory term for pakistanis. What is the derogatory term for white, english people?

    The majority rarely gets racially abused; the fact that it is the majority means that its almost impossible for the minority to do so.

    There are no racial attacks against white english people in the UK. There are (some) racial attacks against coloure people.

    If you still can't get it, just think of the homophobe analogy: a straight person attacking a gay could be a homophobic attack. A gay person attacking a straight certainly isn't a heterophobic attack.

    Open your eyes and use your brain.
  2. It's all about spin. If we recategorise or change the terminology we use for those things we don't like then it gets easier to slip them past large sections of the public. If a racist crime is not recorded as such - then it can't appear on the stats.

    In recent years successive governments have become particularly good at this sort of thing AND they seem to be getting away with it for the most part.

  3. I wasn't going to respond, but seeing SF started the ball rolling here we go

    I certainly see attacks by people of a different background to the victim being reported as at least potentially racist and have noted several cases recently where non whites have been accused and found guilty of racially agravated crimes, but of course I do not use the Daily Wail as the sole source of my information.

    The derogatory term for a white man is whitey or honky, I thought every one knew that, certainly I have heard it often enough, and I cetainly have been called whitey by a black racist.
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    While you have a point Caretaker, your opening is crass (serious subject but you post in Lil's :roll: )

    CRE-Kriss Donald

    A racist murder ( Asian on white-in Glasgow)

    Another three Asians have since gone down for the racially motivated murder of Kriss Donald. Strathclyde Police with the help of the Pakistan Police got their men (three suspects had legged it). There were no kid gloves in finding the murderers. The locals of all races got involved, helped the police and no flowery language was used to disguise or defend.

    You post from London. Are those who murdered Stephen Lawrence behind bars yet?
  5. I take it you've never been through certain areas of certain towns and been called a 'Fucking white bastard' for no reason then.

    Rotherham, Bradford, High Wycombe.....
  6. Really? :???:
  7. I went to a boys school in the heart of Brixton, london all the guys there where apart from a handful of us where Black, I live in area where mugging is a 1st choice of work. where do you live?
  8. Some where else, by choice.
  9. Is this your personal opinion? I'm unfortunate enough to be of what some might call mixed heritage.

    I've seen racisim from both sides. It doesn't matter that you're white if an attack is racially motivated, it's racist. Although every crime commited by a white person on a non-white person is classified as racist although there might not be an racist tones to it other then the person being attacked was of another race.
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Black or white, it doesn't mitigate the offence; a person was assaulted.
  11. But doesn't the fact that it is classified as a racist attack hold more time or something or other? The guys were neither black or white, they were Asian. :???:
  12. I wonder what my old mate snowball would think of this,he was shiny black and anyone lighter than him was white trash, but then times change, but its not racist for a black guy to sleep with a white woman, or a white guy to sleep with a black woman, but i happened to mention in passing once that i slept with a french woman, and for that Rum Rationers have constantly abused me.
  13. Why would it be racist for a black guy to sleep with a white woman? It was extremely rare to see a white guy with a black woman, black women seem to hate white women with their black men...
  14. I`ve seen loads of white men with black women,or werent you in the Navy?
  15. Was this Snowball the aircraft lift driver on the Ark?
  16. The very man slim
  17. Don't think what matelots get up to in Harry Mombers with their hard earned LOA is the scenario here!
  18. Not yet. In that sense yes, but to actually have a relationship it's odd, or it was not so much now. I always get asked where my dad comes from because I'm obviously mixed and it always seems to surprise people when I say he's English through and through...
  19. Remember him fairly well, had a mate called Snowflake who drove the other lift.
    If I remember correctly the old question was :
    "Whats black, goes up and down and whistles"

    Answer either Snowball or Snowflake the lift driver.
  20. One of my problems with colour is that a black man is black and a white man is white, what are the inbetweens? Coloured i hear you say, or of mixed race, in my opinion it doesnt matter if you say they are black or white, and someone who is more white than black, what then? is it that white people put them into sections, or they (of the darker skin)Prefer to be called black or coloured, we know a song about that dont we, What we need is a great big melting pot.

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