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attaching cap badge


Lantern Swinger

Remove the black cloth loop from your cap. Sew the capbadge to the black loop, so that once the cap badge is on the front of your cap the seam of the loop will be at the back of the cap.

Keep your stitching as small and neat as possible (get mum, gran or gf to do it for you) and make sure you use black thread. Be sure to stitch it down quite firmly; the capbadge is quite inflexible and the last thing you want is for it to come off the first time you put it back on the cap.


shipsnthat said:
Any tips on this? Is there any correct protocol as re the stitching - don't stitch to the white etc?

Would have been highly amusing seeing it stitched to the white of your cap!
Get yer normark out, spit on the two holding loops on yer cap badge, press them on to your beret in the required position, stab beret with normark. press through cap badge, fold over.

Want to know how to talk to women?


War Hero
Bluetak , then when you were getting ready to surrender you could just whip it off and pretend to be in the Army Catering Corps,thats what Andy McNab told me anyhoo.


War Hero
P2000 suggested
Remove the black cloth loop from your cap. Sew the capbadge to the black loop, so that once the cap badge is on the front of your cap the seam of the loop will be at the back of the cap.

Sew the badge over the seam of the cap band (rather than loop) so the seam doesn't show at all.

thingy wrote

Black loop round cap???

I hope we're not discussing white lids and SCC TS ship tallies here!

No, we are not. Nor are we discussing submarine navigation or the length of NE training in the 1980s.
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