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Having my bi-monthly chat with my CPN this afternoon, he has accompanied all of his charges who have been called forward for interview as to thier suitability to continue to receive benefit or have it stopped. From his experience only one in ten is called for interview over a wide range, the questions are pretty much the same for each patient. He suspects they use DOOTH to select victims. Has anyone in the physically disabled sector had any experience of thier modus op ?.


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I had huge problems with ATOS, the decision went against me and I was informed I had to return to work, after long arguments with DWP, and an appeal, DWP finally contacted me by phone, 30 minutes later, I was told by the lovely lady who actually had a brain, that I would be placed in the Support Group of ESA. (this is after over 8 years on Disability Allowance). On the down side, since I have started drawing my Pusser pension last year, they have cut my benefit AND taxed my Pensh.


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what really gets up my nose, is the fact there are people around me, too idle to F***ing work that don't pay rent, council tax etc., whilst I was offered a 50 pence per week in rent rebate. I am struggling to get around, managing the best I can on what I get, yet these Tossers get everything thrown at them, even though there is sod all wrong with them. (mind you, I have stitched one of them up, with DWP, today, in fact - hope they get hammered !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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