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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Sentenashi, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    After watching channel 5's show "Warship" I get the impression that the atmosphere is very relaxed, friendly and just a generally close knit community.

    My question is, is that generally the case, or is the kind of stuff you see on that show only occur on HMS Illustrious?
  2. You are absolutely correct. Normally at about 10p.m. your divisional officer will bring you a mug of hot chocolate and tuck you up in your bunk.
    In the morning at about 0930 your petty officer will wake you with a hot cup of coffee and inform you that your bath has been run.
    Meantime your divisional chief would have washed and ironed your working rig and will assist you to dress.
    the leading hand of the mess will then scrub the mess out and ditch the gash. On his return he will give you the daily papers and any mail addressed to you.
    Yes it's a wonderful life in today's RN :thumright:
  3. Unfortunately if you want to witness what a real warship does, go spend some time on a FF/DD. It is a tight knit community, but only wrought from the amount of time away from home, intensive training, hard work and mindless hours at defense watches. So its not like the tele, sorry.
  4. Of course all is milk and honey. The very thought that matelots could be a bunch of bitches is so far fetched as not to be worth considering....
  5. The Atmosphere on any warship that i have been on is absolute crap, unless the air conditioning is working, but thats normally spoiled by the smell of Diesel.
  6. Im not in the forces whatsoever but expect an hard time! either way about it you should not want to know this as they aint after people who want an easy life, I have figured already in life NOTHING comes easy (unless of course you win the lottery)
  7. And of course people leaving doors open, intent on air conditioning the Mediterannean..and people thinking a comfortable temperature is 32c.
    Don't even go down the road of when smoking was allowed..
  8. If you want to watch a good naval doc, 'Brilliant' wasnt bad, but the best was 'Sailor', about the old Ark Royal, it may appear dated, but it is still relevant today.
  9. You will have Oppos (Friends) that you would trust your life with and possibly will. The Navy is a work hard, play hard environment. As with any job there will be times when you're not happy with your lot, but overall the life isn't bad.

    Yes you will spend time away from home and work long hours sometimes. But who else is going to take you around the world and pay you a wage (and before they say cruise ships - don't give you anytime off in the foreign ports).

    I loved my time in the RN and enjoyed the travel, friendship, adventure and general spirit within the Navy. Yes there were times when I wondered what I was doing in the RN, But I would go back and do my time again.

    Get down your local careers office and see for yourself what is on offer.

    Neil - SM

  10. you will(apparently,i am told so as i never went to Sea)be crammed into a small box of metal along with a dozen or so others.Noxious vapours and smelly feet not to mention the aftermath of a pussers curry will enter your body as you sleep,all along with a gentle undernote of paint,brasso and diesel,and thats when its not got vomit added to it in the case of roughers.i think that covers it adequately.

  11. Ditto! two plus years on a Ley class minehunter, ten sleeping in a space about the size of a big Ford Transit, all with a taste for real ale, curries, and the heads in the middle of the whole thing!
    I couldn't do it now but back then it was cracking!
  12. Just imagine you've come off the middle watch while alongside in a foreign port.

    You're going to get your head down. You're sober.

    Just imagine the superheated stench rising up from the mess when you step over the hatch and onto the first rung of that ladder after the boys have had a run ashore.

    Now that is atmosphere.

  13. And people wonder WHY i never went to Sea!LOL!
  14. Sounds greeeaaatttt!!! :razz: :lol:

    No bedtime stories these days then? o_O
  15. They went with the last round of cost cutting savings, it'll never be the same. Some of my happiest days were telling the fore endies bed time stories.
  16. Was that after they'd been told to get their hats?
  17. You have to be there to sample the wonderful smells from a mess after a runashore but the tea and paper in the morning was good
  18. Then there is the NAAFI queue -
    If you manage to come second in that,
    you really will have something to tell your Grand children.

  19. Fore endies with hats, whose navy were you in, they had one they shared, made captains table a bit of a drawn out afair.
  20. Perhaps these smells could be gathered, compressed into liquid and sold in spray cans: 'Smell Your Navy'.... :tp:

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