ATM Mugging could happen here

Two Eastern European women last Saturday relieved a Parisian of €300 by using a cunning jub-based attack on their hapless victim.

The man was intercepted at a bank in Paris's 6th arrondissement by the pair of female ne'er-do-wells, one of whom demanded cash and tried to distract him using a newspaper as he extracted wonga from the cashpoint.*

The exact nature of the newspaper ruse is not noted, but it evidently failed, since one of the women then flashed her jubs at the man and "put her hand between his legs", as Le Parisienne puts it.

Her accomplice quickly swiped the chap's 300 bucks, and the two breast bandits legged it. They have not yet been identified, either facially or mammarily. ®


Lantern Swinger
I can't see any of the local Pompey birds commiting a crime like this..... Who in their right mind is going to look at a pair of minging troglodites with saggy tattooed tits resting on a belly that would be more akin to a vietnamese pot bellied pig, as they screech "C'mon shaz you dinny cnut, grab the skates money and lets get back up to Leigh Park and see our dealer..... and tuck yer tits back into your trousers".

If it were a couple of hot brazillian supermodels though, that would be another story, but in Peeeeortsmiff, highly unlikely.
Ninja_Stoker said:
Complete swizz.

Spent an hour of my leave stood by an HSBC cashpoint this morning, nothing yet. I'll give it until lunch time. :wink:
Did you dress up in a hooped shirt with a beret and onions? If not then it is hardly surprising that they did not approach you - so far it only seems to have happened to Frenchmen - you really will have to put a bit more effort in!
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