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I notice that the upper age limit for joining as an ATC Officer is 25, yet in the RAF it's 40. Any chance of the RN upping the age limit anytime soon? What are the reasons for this disparity?

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The upper age limits and the reasons behind them are invariably lost in the mists of time, legend and ancient fables. The reasons are usually linked to the service requirement of achieving a full career structure before reaching full pensionable age.

The RAF has long held the belief that experience and ability is more important than the stricter age parameters applied by other services and in the military aviation world, their standards are usually the standard applied in other services...but not always.

The general trend with regard upper age limits appears to be travelling upwards across all services. Whether the RN follows the RAF line in this area is difficult to predict as we usually entrust the careful and measured dice-throw to a generic SO1 during their lunch break ;)

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