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G'day Circus,

I don't know how many FCs are trained per year but I'll bet a fair few ales that it is a lot fewer than when I was around. Maybe a call to the D School at Yeovilton would help; I can't imagine there's anything too sensitive about that info. I'm afraid my only knowledge of a T45 was a cocktail party in Gib but on the CVS there used to be about 6 FCs (including the tame squadron D), who would work normal watches but would often blob up for a big exercise. If the role really interests you then Observer in the AEW choppers might interest you. However, this is clearly a different career path than Warfare Officer and needs to be thought through very carefully.
Thanks very much and some food for thought! Cheers.


MLP - glad to see the ATC branch is trying hard to survive. I was at the models with the ATC who is filling an AC's draft - interesting to say the least.....
Ah yes, bit of an anomaly that, the AC branch is actually very well manned now for the first time in memory and plenty of ATC volunteers too.

Touching wood but the future seems bright after a dark few years.

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