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My daughter is doing her Air Traffic Controllers aptitude this week she is 18 in June. From what I understand if she is succesful she will go on to Dartmouth to be commisioned then on to complete ATC training. Is this the case. She has 11 GCSE A + A* grades but flunked out of her A levels and joined up instead as an AET - Advice please
Sounds to me as if she's actually doing the Aircraft controllers aptitude not the ATC one if she is already in as an AET. If she passes that she will be rated PAC (Probational Aircraft Controller) and spend some time in a Tower and at sea working with Aircraft Controllers to gain some experience in preparation for Leading Aircraft Controllers Proffesional Qualifying course, not go to Dartmouth. I am an Aircraft Controller myself and having worked at the AC school can give you a few pointers. If you like please feel free to PM me.

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