At what point will I study towards a HnC/HnD/Degree?


I am currently at the pre joining medical point in the joining process in joining Royal Navy as an air engineering technician. I have done a fair amount of research and know what my job will include but I am wondering at what point will I study towards a HnC/HnD/Degree in my area? Do I have to be certain rank?
AFAIK your professional courses have been mapped against the HNC/HND/Degree syllabi, and with a little extra work (I've no idea what) you'll get the appropriate certificate.
I believe the end goal is to have at least a foundation degree by the time you reach PO? Things may have changed? HNC/HND can be done by use of learning credits. I did my HNC through Perth College (Distance Leaning), and "Safeguard" I had it cracked in 6 months, it wasn't hard the only sticky bit was popping up to Perth to spend 24 hours in Scotland to qualify as a "Scottish" student for their funding rules. There was 3 of us doing it in the Training School at Wittering with no students to worry about for a while is was pretty much full time HNC.

To answer the question you will start studying towards whatever qualification they give you the day you arrived at Sultan.

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