At the end of INT for Ratings, Looking to become an officer via AOP?


Good Evening All!

I am currently a reservist as a rating and am 17 years old about to start my final year of a-levels, I noticed this year AOP (Accelerated Officer Programme) ended after the announcement of a-level results so my question is that due to the requirement only being 72 ucas points, if I am predicted around 150 UCAS points would I be able to commence this course on risk of those predicted grades, while mid-way through the programme receiving the results and by the time of passing out have acquired the required grades.

I know this is a long shot but worth an ask?



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Have you already been selected as an officer candidate? If so you need to speak to your unit Junior Officer Training Officer (JOTO).

He/she then needs to sort this for you with CMR.

My gut feeling, and it is only that, is that you will have to wait twelve months.

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