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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nobby, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Parky gets a knighthood.
    Kylie gets an MBE (or whatever it was)
    I could go on. (I usually do)

    What sickens me is that people like that woman face charges for doing what I would guess that a majority of decent, good people in this country would also do. She deserves recognition for standing up and saying "NO! You will NOT desecrate this memorial!". Its people like her that deserve the MBE's.

    Effing disgraceful whats happening!
  2. Good for her - saw her on the local news last night.

    The government could, if they wished, increase the sentencing powers as for damage to war memorials as she is asking for, just the same as they increased sentences for racially or homophobically aggravated offences - it'll be interesting to see what the government response is (I bet they bottle it and say no)

    As for the local plod "Avon and Somerset police says it is taking the vandalism problem seriously.

    A spokesman for the force said patrols have been stepped up in the area and alcohol has been seized."

    Shutting the gate after the horse has bolted springs to mind - "it is taking the vandalism problem seriously" - how serious were they before this incident happened and why has it been necessary for patrols in the area to be stepped up.
  3. I got a slap from the local PLOD years ago when I was caught scrumping apples, (from his garden)(I was not that bright back then)) PLOD then took me home. Met by my father at the door I protested at my treatment which I thought was unfair, my dad give me a double slap one for the crime and one for the protest at the punishment. I am a better person for it and I never did same again. This should be brought back (my own veiw not the majority) the UK has gone PC mad. A good slap never did my father or his any harm, and it has not harmed my brother or myself. Now I am not saying go out and slap all the young troublemakers you come accross but back in the day that was how things went and seemed to work to some extent. I hope the powers that be see sense and do whats right.
  4. On a slightly related note, Dennis Wise the Leeds boss, has been interviewed by Police regarding a complaint made after he chased a 13 year old that was throwing stones at his car.
  5. Are you trying to take all the glory bks? I bet there are more who think that way than you guess. As for the not advocating 'go out and slap all troublemakers', why not? especially if it was done in front of their so called mates, perhaps then they would learn some respect.
  6. ...slapping these scrotes is not an option as they could be carrying a blade and do not care if they use it.
  7. Spot on, these chav's nowadays can be carrying anything and are not scared to use it on anybody.
  8. Maybe we ought to bring back the stocks,see how they like being laughed at by the public for a day.
    They would also be very easily spotted in the future and would feel less inclined to commit further crimes.
  9. How about binding their hands and feet then tossing them in the drink. If they float they're guilty of yobbery and are tossed to the lions of the local zoo; if they sink and drown, they're innocent and we'll toss some dandilions into the said oggin.
  10. Result would be the same. Good Riddance to bad chavs.

  11. Totaly agree with you mate , I got taken back by the plod a few times , shitting myself at what my mum and dad would do , the hidings I had made me change my ways , made me a better person and all 5 of us turned out ok in the end . different world in the 50s & 60s though , bit more respect back then , not saying all youth of today are like that but the ones that are need sorting out .
  12. It all goes back to the basics, like discipline from your parents, and discipline at school.

    I remember getting into trouble at school, and it was the cane for this sad bugger....If I went home and whinged to my parents, they'd give me another whack because I had obviously deserved the cane in the first place for upsetting m teacher !!!!

    OK, I'm well aware that amongst the teachers there were some who 'enjoyed' giving that sort of punishment to youngsters, and every effort should be made to identify those perverts.....but generally, it taught you a bit of respect.

    My old man was an ex-Stoker on destroyers (Russian run) in WW2. A nicer, gentler man you couldn't wish to meet. He only once hit me (I was being a complete prat), but that once was enough to convince me that I'd never upset him again!

    It's all to do with respect, for yourself, and for others.

    See the story today about Dennis Wise being questioned by the police following an incident? Apparently, he was in his car, with his pregnant wife, two young kids and his Mother-In-Law, when some scrotes started throwing stones at his car. He gets out, and almost grabbed one of the scrotes.....So, plod question him...I suspect they were asking him for advice as to how he had managed to react so quickly!!!!

    Welcome to the Nu-Socialist Nu-Labour Britain.

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