At last, some good news....

Justice at last :thumright: ps Thought Joanna Lumley spoke up well for them, on a TV Interview she did. Think she said her Father was an Officer in the Ghurkhas :thumright:
The missus met that young chap in the chair the other week at a "do".
It really is great news, but I'm still somewhat saddened by the fact that it had to go to court.
Although the Gurkhas won their test case in the Appeal Court today (Tue 30th September 2008), there is still a long way to go to have the law changed. Please sign the petition.
they're looking for 12m signatures .

I've signed .

Ms Lumley gave a speech which can be viewed here
then scroll down and click the video clip


The Gurkha Justice Campaign

Gurkhas are fighting for Justice. They want the same terms and conditions as their UK and Commonwealth counterparts.

Britain has had no greater friends than the Gurkhas. They have served all across the world in the defence of our Country for nearly 200 years. Over 45,000 died in the two World Wars as part of the British Army. They are still fighting in the British Army today.

You may have seen in the media that they are fighting in Parliament and the Courts. Step by step, things are getting better - but there is a long way to go.

Today, we expect judgement from the High Court as to whether their treatment has been unlawful in terms of the right to live in the UK if they retired before 1997.

Whatever the High Court decides today, the Government has to change the law on how it treats Gurkhas. We demand the full, fundamental change in law that will allow all retired Gurkhas the right to live here.

By signing up above you will be expressing your support for all Gurkhas. You will be signing our petition, and we will be able to contact you in the future as we mount the largest ever campaign to get them the Justice that they deserve.

Join me in the campaign: together, we can finally right this wrong.

Joanna Lumley